Peek show!!

It's official: Blogger and I have parted ways. I have several posts up on the new blogs, so come have a peek!

Mandarin Blue:

If you like Christmas, love stories, comics or shiny objects, you might want to check out my post about my date at La Salette shrine. It's rainbowgasmic!

If you're willing to bear with me through the hard times, join me as I reminisce about my grandfather, who passed away on New Year's Day.

Want to know what songs are blowing out my speakers this month? As always, it's quite a mix.

Silvertongue 2.0:

One of the many bracelets I made as a gift this Christmas, with a pattern if you want to make one yourself!

How to make "Inception" work for you - yet another of my crazy crackpot dreams.

Photography: Our last day with the Christmas tree.

Brewings of a Mad Barista:

Perfecting "The Perfect Cap" - a great read if you're one of the many New Years resolutionists starting a new diet this week!

That's all, folks!

Peace, love and... peace!
Miss Rex

The times they are a-changin'

Big changes are around the corner for A Silvertongued Serenade.

You might remember when I started A Dustland Fairytale. That blog was supposed to be something of a journal - a venue for personal stories, rants, etc. that were too long/uninteresting for my main blog. But then I forgot about A Dustland Fairytale and posted long, uninteresting things here anyway.

That, combined with more recent advice that I make the switch to Wordpress, combined with the frustration that is customizing Blogger layouts, combined with the fact that I'm graduating soon and it just seems more professional to have separate blogs for separate purposes, has prompted the change that is about to take place. Yes, Blogger, it is time for us to part.

Soon I will have three new blogs:

1. Silvertongue 2.0, the new home of all things creative. My writing, including stories, poetry, and the occasional philosophical discourse, will go here. Chronicles of my dreams will go here. My art - that is, photography and whatever crafts I've undertaken - will go here. It is the place for anything bestowed on me by my muse.

2. Mandarin Blue, which will replace the Dustland Fairytale I never used. Here you'll find the sort of things I would keep in a journal, from stories about life (many soon to be illustrated) to rants and ramblings about the injustices of the universe, etc.

3. Brewings of a Mad Barista, the new address of Claymore reviews and creations. With your help I think this could really take off. I have mostly exhausted the existing Claymore menu, and so, in 2011, I'll be taking suggestions. You can propose new combinations of flavors, unexpected ingredients (as Kenya added fresh squeezed orange juice to chai), or even other places to try coffee besides my own café. I'd love to branch out and see what the Boston area has to offer.

I hope to have all of this ready in time for the New Year, but as sick and exhausted as I feel right now, this may or may not be a possibility. Just know that it's coming.

Peace, love and candy cane brownies,
Miss Rex
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