Use your imagination...

Presenting the long-awaited commercial contest video, starring Miss Rex and The Pantsless One (conveniently clothed for this episode)!

We were shooting for 50 grand but we didn't even make it into the finals. Hard to believe, eh?

But hey, 'twas a learning experience. Now I know how not to light a green screen, but that a decent one can be made for under $10. I know that you should never use the on-camera microphone, but that decent sound effects can be made with a little resourcefulness and imagination. And look at all the fun costumes I got to wear! (Oh god, I nearly died in that snowsuit under all those lights...)

Now let's play a game. With the exception of the flute playing in the Paris scene, all sound effects were created right in my studio (read: bedroom) with everyday household items. Who can figure out what I used?

Peace, love, and not coconuts,
Miss Rex


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