The Bucket List

In light of the fact I won't be a teenager much longer, I've been thinking a little bit about death. Actually though, I've been thinking more about life, specifically all the crazy wonderful amazingtastic things this world has to offer that I'd like to do before I kick the bucket. So here it is, that epic tome of everything I've always wanted to do as well as some things I've only recently realized I wanted to do. First Edition, to be amended.


1. Visit all 50 states
2. Go to Australia
b. Scuba dive and see the Great Barrier Reef
3. Go to Japan
4. Go to Scotland
5. Go to England
b. write a book there
c. go backpacking
6. Trans-America road trip
7. Trans-Atlantic sea voyage (sooner rather than later since I need the experience to write my next book. If you can hook me up with that, PLEASE DO SO. I'll be forever indebted to you.)
8. Learn the constellations
9. See the Northern Lights
10. Take a flight in a hot air balloon
11. Kiss someone at the top of a Ferris Wheel
12. Go parasailing
13. Take a spin on one of those Miyazaki-esque flying machines (no, I don't mean an airplane; these have a little motor and a big parachute, and are just for one person).
14. Live on Coronado Island
15. Live in Colorado Springs
16. Live in a sphere. They have spheres you can rent for a weekend in the Canadian rainforest. I kid you not.
17. Have a room full of clocks.
18. Have my own tower (a lighthouse would also do.)
19. Go white water rafting through the Grand Canyon (can you do that? If not, I can settle for somewhere else. If I have to.)
20. Hike the Appalachian trail
21. Learn to surf
22. Ride an elephant
23. Work on a farm
b. Have a milk cow
24. Go wassailing
25. Be in a band
26. See Mutemath live in concert
27. Have my book made into a movie
28. Catch a drumstick at a show
29. Meet Switchfoot
30. Attend an integrated or all-black church regularly for a year
31. Have a record collection
32. Have a song written about me
33. Go to Hogwarts castle



Anonymous said...

So Coronado Island...not here in California? And if you watch the Lifetime Movie Network, you can see the Northern Lights. It was an okay movie featuring LeAnn Rimes and Dean Cain...who I love! Not the Northern Lights you were talking about?

Stopping by to give you a big welcome to the SITStahood. We are so glad you could join us and look forward to seeing you around!

Yankee Girl said...

Great bucket list. I want to learn to fly a plane, see every Jimmy Stewart movie, have my book published and make the New York Times best-seller list...among other things.

k a b l o o e y said...

Cool. I'm 45 and need to get on the stick and make a Bucket List too. I'm such a procrastinator, I'll probably do what I always did in grade school when I had to write an outline before a research paper: on my deathbed, I'll use my last few breaths to croakily whisper a list of the best things I did in life. A retroactive Bucket List. (At least everything will be checked off.) Good luck checking your boxes, Amandasaurus!

One Sassy Girl said...

Can we PLEASE not equate entering our 20's with the need for a bucket list?!! I just felt old. And yes, my 21 y.o. man is all yours!! If only I knew where to find him now...

Dee said...

I did this once last year here

I chose a trip in space over the hot air balloon though.

Visiting from SITS

Kitty said...

I totally want to ride an elephant!

Douglas Bessette said...

Hello there.
My name is Doug. *blink*

You may or may not remember me from the Crios concert last night.

Here's how I remmember it..

So there I was.. watching Ciros jump up and down on the stage, they were dilivering an excellent and vibrant performance while teenyboppers stared on in silence.

I was trying my best to hold down my lunch as my little brother hung all over his girlfriend and followed her around like a lost puppydog. (I've tried to teach him better.. really) To make matters worse my mom had hung around for the show and kept waving at me whenever I looked in her direction.

Despite the fact that there seemed to be nobody even remotly my age I began my usual mingling routine.. (I like to call it "Scouting for talent") As I walked around teasing the girls and busting balls I happened upon three young ladies who I assumed were about 16 or so, and started poking fun at them.. they introduced themselves and I promptly forgot there names. It seemed apparent that they were not going to reveal there true identity anyways.. (which is always a risky proposition for young girls even in church)I affectionatly labeled them as Mandy, Sandy, and Candy.. then I walked away.

One piece of information that I found interesting was that these girls were in college and not High School and each of them actually seemed somewhat intellegent and so I desided I would try my luck for an email or fake phone number.. I just love collecting phone numbers, they always come in handy when planning events and such.. Anyways I got this one girl Mandys E-mail, (if thats her real name) only to find out to my dismay that it was only a blog post with no e-mail at all.. :-( dauntless I began absently reading the blog and I found it was actually entertaining! who would have thunk it? Anyways as I read I noticed that she and I had more then alittle in common, (freaky right?)
I've read the narnia series and the fellowship of the ring, and my favorite movies involve clashing swords and wizardery.. Have you ever read the black cauldren? or Taren the wanderer? There all good books.. Even though I dispise pokimon, I also enjoy cooking. Actually its my profession. I'm a short order cook at a restaurant and I enjoy baking pies in my spare time. (Have you ever noticed that the word restaurant sounds like "rest or rant" which is what people do there? coincidence I think not)

I think its cool that you met your real Mom I still have to find my dad one of these days..

I have also written quiet a few poem's and I would like you to check them out on myspace, I'm sure you will enjoy them. you will probably learn much more then you need to know on my profile but I'll try to still seem mysterious in our future corrispondence. My email will be required to veiw my site.. it's If I don't here from you in a week or so I'll be forced to assume that your boring and have no taste.. Then I'll burn your blogspot address in a woodfire for your insult ;-) just kidding.. This wouldn't be so long if I didn't feel self consious that everyone of your friends will read it.. It serves you right for your longwinded blog enteries LOL. Hit me back -Doug-

Amandasaurus said...

1. How did I mishear "Doug" as "Buzz Lightyear?"
2. I told you it was my blog, not my email. I only use my email for school.
3. If you don't like Pokemon, I don't see this friendship going anywhere, but your pun on the word restaurant may have redeemed you. XD

The Blonde Duck said...

Great list!

Brijenieve said...

Seriously, DO go to scotland! It's amazing, and completely and unexpectedly stole my heart away. England was nice too. lol

The transatlantic sea voyage sounds amazing, as does the live in a sphere thing... haha! And I recently found out that you can do this thing called a fjord cruise that basically is a cruise around scandinavian waters, and every night the northern lights fill the sky. Sounds like a good honeymoon trip to me. Sure, it'll be cold, but I doubt I'll notice. ;)

I AM at Gordon-Conwell, and I would love coffee sometime this semester! BUT I'm at the satellite campus in North Carolina, so it'll be a bit of a drive. If you're ever down thisaway (yes, this-a-way), though, we should meet up. =)

When do classes and such start? Or have they already?

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