Yeah, I live in a fishbowl. 's pretty sweet.

I want THIS for my birthday:


So I moved in at school on Monday. The process gets a little less painful each year, though they always seem to pick the hottest, most humid day of the year for this event. I'm starting to believe it's not a coincidence. Worse, I now live on the third floor of the same building I've lived in for the past two years. As if traipsing up one flight of stairs after a typically weighty meal at the dining hall weren't bad enough, now I get to lug myself up TWO flights of stairs! Lucky me! Who needs a gym when you live on the third floor?

Well anyway, my three roommates have also moved into our former lounge of a dorm room. As far as on-campus housing goes, the Fishbowl (so named because two whole walls consist of nothing but windows) is truly the best you can get without making the step up to an apartment. Except for the furniture and visitation rules, I'd say it's even better because of the view. But, we aren't allowed to have upholstered furniture, which sucks because how are we supposed to entertain company without chairs, and we don't get apartment hours, which means we still only have 5 hours of visitation a day. For those of you who don't go to a Christian college, visitation hours are hours during which you're allowed to have guests of the opposite sex in your room or hall. Gay, right? Almost literally.

Since classes have yet to start, the only exciting bit of news I have to share is that I swam across Gull Pond and back yesterday. It's a heckalot bigger than it looks! And, there is a metropolis of seaweed in the middle, which likes to entangle breathless swimmers and force them to thrash about for their very lives.

I could have drowned.

I think I found my new workout regime!


Brijenieve said...

Saweet ring. Did I tell you about the time this lady made me hold a snake and it slithered up my arm and onto my neck under my hair? Yep.

I moved up to F3W after two years on F2E so I know what you mean about the extra flight of stairs... it's especially gruesome on moving day. But the fishbowl is good times apart from the furniture and visitation stuff.

As for the pond, we discovered all that seaweed when we went skinny dipping freshman year. It's intense! I swear there are grindylows in it. =P

Happy start-of-semester!

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