Nuclear Fission

I am splitting this blog into two separate entities.

This page, which I have re-christened "A Silvertongued Serenade," will be home to my writing, photography, art of various kinds, rants (both silly and serious), and anything else of a less-than-personal interest level. I have some fun traditions I'm dying to start, including (but not limited to) Claymore beverage of the week and local treasure of the week. If anyone has any suggestions, I'll take 'em! Also, which sidebar/footer items do you enjoy, and which do you skip over? My page is getting a lil bit cluttered, as you can see ^_^

The new "Dustland Fairytale" will function as a journal and will contain those stories of life that have a less universal appeal, such as my latest concert adventure and How I Spent My Weekend At Ravin's. These posts are generally longer and more detailed, which I've found to be a turn-off in other people's blogs. In case you actually like reading about my life, we've got a shuttle bus that makes regular trips over there and I'm sure we can arrange a visit for you. Click here to go!

Love, peace, and neutron-firing apparatuses,
Miss Rex


Julie said...

oh no I didn't write this letter. This was an article I found in the LA Times which I thought was worth posting.

Ashli said...

Personally, I just love foul mouthed rants. I really really do.

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