Sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Wow. It really is true: Boys are the same across the board, regardless of age or religion or nationality.

Today my littlest, cutest camper was wearing a big, red ring on one of his fingers. One of my other kids told him that meant he had to kiss a girl, and the littler one accepted this without question. The bigger one then went on to coach him, helping him decide which girl to kiss and how to go about it.

Seeing as they're three, I saw no reason to put a stop to their scheming. Little did I know I was the selected target.

For the next hour I kept hearing, "Now, Shane!" This was invariably followed by a little kid barreling into my leg, wrapping his arms around it, and kissing my thigh (the highest he could reach) with a very loud and enthusiastic *smack.*

Now rewind about a month. It was my last night in Italy, and one of my companions had been pulling the 21-year-old equivalent of "Now, Shane!" for at least three days, trying to get one of the Italians we'd befriended to kiss me on the cheek.

Let it be known that I was more than okay with this plan. And he did finally go through with it. I guess the make-out sesh that happened afterward was where the situations varied...

But I'd say the evidence more than supports my hypothesis.

Peace, love and portobello mushrooms,
Miss Rex


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