Experimental rock: drummer makes beats using ketchup.

Apparently, as soon as I have no school work that I SHOULD be doing, I abstain from blogging altogether. Funny how that works. I realized I hadn't posted pictures in quite some time, so I'll be playing ketchup tonight. Ever played ketchup? It's like drumming on water. Some cool Asian guy is probably amazing at it... but in the end it's most likely a waste of my time.

Behold! My beloved new heart sunglasses.

Cam wearing my beloved new heart sunglasses during the making of "Trade Fair."

Ghostbait!! Today she told me to tell her brother not to dress like a stalker at her dance recital. Love that girl

What happens at A.C. Moore... should definitely stay there.

Discovered this with Ravin while perusing a stack of CDs I found in my room, none of which I'd ever listened to. Turns out I really like this band. They're a little wiggity wack, but in a good way, or at least in a way I like, although I can see how his voice could turn you off to the awesomeness. That's all right. I forgive you.

Well, happy summer, all - especially all my wonderful, just-graduated friends (and my wonderful just-graduated boyfriend) who are enjoying their first summer free of school! Go-Co's gonna be effing weird without you all. I think I personally knew at least 15-20% of the graduating class this year. SAD SAD SAD (for me... but YAY YAY YAY for them!)

Boyfriend, my other half, and his brother Dick at Boyfriend's graduation. D'awww. Life's waiting to begin, right? ^_^

Schneckleface, my other other half! Congratulations, biffle.

Summer's been fabulously relaxing thus far. I've been to the beach at least six times in the past not-even-a-week. Granted, the water is WAAAAY too cold to actually swim in, but. It's the beach. I've been sunning a few times and, yes, I actually have a little color, and no, it's not crimson!! Hah it was so windy one day that I basically got free spa-style exfoliation just from sitting on a towel reading. In fact I practically got buried. Then when I got in the shower I had sand in all the places you normally forget to wash, like behind your ears... and inside of them... and a pile of sand fell out of my hair when I took out the ponytail.

Yesterday, Schneckleface and I walked all the way from the strip to Boyfriend's cliff by the sea. By the time we'd passed the water tower we decided we might as well just go the whole way, just so we could say we'd done it. Then we got to the end, copped out and made Boyfriend drive us back to my car.

I found all of these walking on the beach with Boyfriend one night.

We had a movie night at my house on Friday. That was the best. Ravin, The Pantsless One, their high school friend LL and I went to the beach in the afternoon, then Boyfriend and the Cuddle Rapist joined us later and we forced them to watch The Lion King 1 1/2, or most of it, before we finally gave up on the DVD because it kept skipping.

Schneckleface arrived for her weekend stay, but then we had to bring LL to meet up with her mom because that's how she was getting home, and no one could follow my directions to Home Depot (because my house is just that out in the boonies), so we all piled into Boyfriend's car - that's right, seven of us, all out of high school and grown enough to know it was a dumb idea - and drove to the Home Depot to drop her off.

Back at my house, we made s'mores with Nutella while Cuddle Rapist raped our fire pit (but in his defense, he also rescued a flaming copy of the Tartan with my article on the front page) and then watched a movie Boyfriend brought, whose plot I had a hard time following since it seemed to me to be a sequence of random events showcasing Arnold Schwarzenegger's various degrees of awesome.


My kitty cat! He's uh... "helping" me unpack. Obviously.

That's all for now. A) because I'm BEAT, and B) because this post has already taken up more cyberspace than it deserves. Hopefully I'll have a new excerpt soon, but I make no promises. I'm at the really scary part of writing where I have no previous drafts to draw from, and so I must draw new material entirely from my imagination. But wait, you say; isn't that what you wanted to do? YES. IT IS. But it's heckalot scarier than I remembered.


saraphimiscool said...

lotsa comments for yousa.

umm...i'm pretty sure you can't have TWO "other halves" bc you're either 1 1/2 people OR you are no longer autonomous. i don't think i like either of those things. C:

yay for walking a whole bunch at the beach.

i'm sorta sad you didn't get the "made just for you" part of the pizza box. Either way, whatever is in that box is made of AWESOME! XD

and i don't think i'll read your excerpt yet. but i will. i promise. C:

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