Finals week post 2: Kicks and Giggles

Thank you, Gandalf, for those words of wisdom. However, before you all get back to studying, give your brain a break and have a laugh with me. The pictures below have, throughout the semester, given me cause to giggle, marvel, or simply shake my head in disbelief.

Check it out: I got a window sheet. Unfortunately this was truly all I had for privacy my first week or so back at school for the fall...

Somehow I don't think this is what your bros are thinking of when they talk about a stripper in a cake.

Just in case you need to make guacamole for an army:

Glad this wasn't my car some Tuesday/Thursday morning at 8AM as I was trying to leave for Skipping Stone...

Sugar cereal cemented with sugar glue: Just what the doctor ordered for Taz!!!

Of all the problems I could have, this one seems like a good one.

Peace, love and Bridezilla,
Miss Rex


DL Hammons said...

That post-it-note car was something you actually saw? How cool! A neat prank!! :)

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