Yesterday I indulged in...

...Juicy Juice that I got from Wanda. She was late to my end-of-summer bonfire and I called her to say we were out of Juicy Juice, so she showed up with juice boxes.

...Skipping chapel.

...Buffalo chicken with Razz, who's also a veggo.

...Cake smothered in frosting, coconut and jelly beans that my apartment surprised me with.

...Reading children's books while sitting at the RMV waiting to get my new license.

Then JW, my knight in shining armor, whisked me away to Boston.

We got dinner at Fire and Ice and I got a delicious strawberry mango margarita. JW told the chefs it was my birthday so they let me come up to the grill and stir fry my own food while everybody else waiting for their dinner had to sing to me, lest the chefs refuse to feed them. Then the chef handed me a bag of potato chips, said "happy birthday," and handed me my plate. Udon noodles are fantastic.

After that, JW took me to the North End, which is the Little Italy part of town. He treated me to Limoncello, Bailey's, and two Washington Apples. Then we sat on a park bench, took pictures with statues, and befriended the cop who was guarding a giant statue of macaroni.

I didn't get trashed on my 21st birthday. I didn't even get drunk (though I might have been a little tipsy). And I'm really glad that's how it went down. So many people get trashed, throw up, pass out, or drunkenly screw up on their 21st birthdays, but I will remember every perfect second of my perfect night.

Peace, love and Starbucks' Caramel Apple Spice,
Miss Rex


Mr. Condescending said...

I wacked it for you as a gift on your bday.

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