Reasons to love Facebook

1. Advertisements.

I try to ignore advertisements on most websites, but every so often I stumble across a Facebook ad that is pure gold.

I'm not sure what I posted that made them think I needed help being a parent, but I can assure you that baby Rex will not be coming along for a while yet.

I understand WHY I got this ad. I just don't understand who thought they could attract writers with that kind of grammar and unprofessional formatting.

2. Translation.
Ever since I got back from Italy, my Facebook has been in Italian. For a while it was because I wanted to learn the language. Now it's just because I'm too lazy to switch it back. Plus, I enjoy seeing other people's confusion when I check my Facebook on their computers and leave the log-in page in another language.

Translation fail.

3. Glitches.

Virtual anarchy: If the system messes with us, we'll mess with the system!

4. Every so often, someone amazing posts something life-changing, like this picture Ravin took of a real-life Caterpie:

Compare to:


Peace, love, and sleeping until lunchtime,
Miss Rex


Mr. Condescending said...

My favorite pokemon was "Lickitung" but I'm not sure if he's still around anymore.

I actually advertise on facebook for my remodeling business and I've gotten a few deals out of it.

Maybe we can advertise our wedding extravaganza via it, no?

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