Today my blog turns Old. It's the big three-oh-oh for A Silvertongued Serenade. If the Internet could eat a cake, Silvertongue's would probably look like this:

But the Internet can't eat cake, so instead I made my very first video blog ever! Come take a virtual tour of my apartment, a.k.a. The Fishbowl II (fondly named after the Fishbowl we lived in last year).

Fan-freaking-tabulous it is not, but it is very orange and blue, which surely counts for something.

Peace, love and vinyl,
Miss Rex


K A B L O O E Y said...

Wow, you guys are neat. And I mean that in the "tidy" sense, not in the neat-o, groovy connotation. But I could easily have meant groovy, because I am Just. That. Old. And looking at your dorm room makes me feel even older. Yet, seeing that you live in approximately the same apartment I did twenty-five years ago (minus my mess) makes it even more amazing that you have such a mature, smart take on the world. You and your record player (!) rock.

Katie McCoach said...

Ha, it was cute seeing your apartment, such college-ish life going on, where do you go to school? it reminds me of my friend's apartments back in Maryland at Stevenson University. I love the record player and the CD display shelves. Very nice touch! Happy three year blogging anniversary! That's a long time, I couldn't tell you how long i've blogged because im so off and on and always switching websites cuz i get bored. Kudos to you!

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