Today, is an anniversary. First of all it's my parents' anniversary (and, crazy kooks that they are, they're taking me and JW out to dinner... this somehow seems backwards, but who am I, a hungry and broke college student, to complain?).

The popular thing to do these days seems to be divorce. When there's a hitch in the going, the hitched get going, or something like that. Contrariwise, my mom and dad have stayed together through thick and thin, and I admire that.

But their anniversary is not the only one I'm celebrating today. I'm also celebrating my own anniversary, the anniversary of my freedom from my last crap-tastic relationship. I guess it was kind of selfish of me to get dumped on my parents special day, huh? But alas that is how it happened.

I thank that breakup for reminding me how to love God school, for getting me into Adam Ezra Group, for making it permissible to sneak out of monasteries to make out with Italian boys in the middle of the night, and for scaring me into working seriously on my novel (I'm scared to end up like that).

I thank that breakup for acting as foil to the relationship I have now. Without knowing the worst, I would have no idea I'd stumbled upon the best (or been stumbled upon by the best, as the case may be). The most I could muster would be a half-appreciation. JW deserves better than that.

I thank that breakup for re-defining and re-outlining who I am. I'm not your average Christian, but I'm feeling close to God for a change, and I sure couldn't say that last October.

I think we celebrate a lot of frivolous things in our culture (half birthdays, national kids day, etc.), but this isn't one of them. You can celebrate an ending as much as you can a beginning. After all, as Semisonic said many a year ago in the song Closing Time, "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

Peace, love and apple cider,
Miss Rex


Anonymous said...

'After that one awful breakup in 2012'-mandie_pixie

I take it you stepped on him? Though I have to give props, he could reach that high. #feeltheBern

Mandie Pixie said...

On JW? No, he was too good for that; just didn't work out. The rebound was the real "awful breakup of 2012."

Anonymous said...

I can imagine that must have been an awkward rebound considering he's now a girl. Either way, you must have spent a fortune on knee pads. #wwjd?

Mandie Pixie said...

O_o I think you've got the wrong life... we're having 2 different conversations here so I'm just gonna leave this alone

Anonymous said...

Oh! I almost forgot... speaking of Anniversaries, 4 years ago this January.

Goodnight Sweet Prince.

I mean... I don't recall being wrestled to the ground, maybe tickled? However, look on the bright side, he wasn't really your Grandfather. Your real family was a bunch of irresponsible teenagers.

Mandie Pixie said...

Oh, hi, Paul. I thought that might be you. Look, I'm sorry your fragile masculinity has yet to recover from our breakup 7 years ago. Or maybe life at the lobster pound is just so dull that you have nothing better to do than troll the social media accounts of a teenager you used to date.

Either way, I recommend you crawl on back to your dad's basement where you belong. Real women aren't props in one of your demented horror flicks; we fight back. If I ever hear from you again, my friends at the Cohasset Police Department will be getting involved. #ByeFelipe

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Mandi. Remember when we were at The Hunger Games? I always felt bad about not shaking your hand.

Anonymous said...

Regardless, I hope you can look past all of that and forgive me. I'm sorry.

- Paul

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