Rock on (or rather... don't)

Dubs tee eff. >=(
Well, I was right.
That's all I have to say about that.

Want to hear about my terrifying LSD-trip dream? Oh come on, you know you do.

Okay so. The rocks wanted to kill me. I have no idea why, but everywhere I went, they started coming to life and coming after me. Big ones, little ones. Avalanches happened. Pebbles rolled along behind me, waiting to attack. I couldn't ever stop moving or they'd kill me, and after a couple of days, perpetual motion gets really exhausting. My mom had a three story safe house built for me so I could get some sleep and live in peace. The way it was structured was narrow and winding - you had to go in a circle all around the first floor before you reached the stairs to the next floor, and the staircase was spiral. All of this was extra precaution taken to slow down any rocks that breached the front door. There were lots of doors throughout the house - between rooms, at the tops of staircases, everywhere - all fitted tightly to their frames so there would be no cracks for the rocks to come through and all with carpets on them to dull the sound of pebbles clamoring to get in and to block up any minute cracks that might be left under the doors. I lived all the way upstairs in a wide open, sunny room (the rest of the house was pretty dark, but I wasn't supposed to leave the top story anyway so that wasn't important). And it was all right at first; I managed to rest on the bed for a little bit. But then the rocks started getting in. I don't know how they did it. There were no openings anywhere in the house, but they got in, found their way to the stairs, somehow got up the stairs, and were fast making their way toward my haven. Thankfully, I woke up right when they snuck underneath the last door and beset me.

Again I say: dubs tee eff? Boyfriend, you should probably make this into a music video somehow. And the rocks could all be stop motion. The whole thing sort of felt like I was in a stop motion video, the way they moved....

Ugh, moving on.

First Kettle Society meeting tonight. I read my prologue to Roomie yesterday and she was intrigued. Good, that's the idea of a prologue. ^_^ I've got to fix a couple things before Evan sees it, but it shouldn't take too long. Also, I saw the Bathrobe Guy at Lane this morning and we made plans to go spooning in the near future. This weekend it'll just be something little - plastic spoons over the doors again, we think. We're so dragging Boyfriend along on our epic/retarded adventure.

We've also got some bigger plans involving the chapel steps, parachute army men, the crocus cross out by the chapel, and shoes - not necessarily in that order. Stay tuned. We'd like to get video footage if possible, but since the whole thing is supposed to be a big secret, that may not happen. You'll just have to use your imagination. Bathrobe Guy also brought up the ultimate frisbee league, and I'm bummed because the games will be in the afternoons and I don't have any free. Ultimate frisbee is... the ultimate. Sniff.

While I'm griping.... I realized that producing one print every day for the rest of the semester probably won't be enough for me to complete my photography portfolio. I'll have to work faster. Dag.

Well, I was going to write for a couple of hours this morning, but now I've only got half an hour before the rest of my team shows up to capture stuff to the hard drive and maybe start editing that foul and noisome PSA project. Zut alors.


Brijenieve said...

hahaha love the dream. i remember walking around last year and finding spoons and army men in the most random places...i had no idea where they came from but i was highly amused. =D

Megan said...

your dreams are crazy...stop eating skittles before bed or something gosh...and back off the acid too lol

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