Trippin' the life fantastic

Wowowowowowowow. Seriously weird dreams all night long last night. I only remember two full ones and a lot of random little snippets. One was, I was at Disney and for some reason they were selling these bands that go on your tooth, like when you have braces and your back molars have those big ugly metal bands wrapped around them. I don't know why they had these. Maybe they were Disney themed or something. At any rate, I tried one on (gross!) and couldn't get it off. Then my tooth started rotting underneath it and they wanted to pull it out (the whole tooth, not just the band). I demanded they put me under first. But of course, anesthesia requires an injection. So this lovely dream about childhood's magical playland quickly turned into a nightmare about teeth and needles.

The second one I remember happened at school. I was walking back to Ferrin, where I live, when I noticed that the cloudy sky had cleared and I could see the stars. In real life, I've been studying my star chart in preparation for a constellation field test since it's been too rainy to actually go see the constellations, and I was looking over it right before bed. In the dream, I was excited that I could actually see the real stars and hurried over to Ferrin field, where some kids were playing soccer, to see if I could find the Pleiades and Gemini. There was this random guy there who kept trying to talk to me so I finally just left to go to bed. Imagine my surprise when I awoke the next morning and the random dude from the field was in my room, at eight in the morning, when there are never, ever any visitation hours no matter what day of the week it is. For the record, it was not Angry Frodo... thank goodness, or this dream would've turned into Amandasaurus Pulls A Battle Axe Out Of Midair And Starts Hacking At People.

Naturally I freaked out. Apparently he'd been there all night, but I guess after the last traces of light left the sky he turned invisible or something, so I never noticed him there. My roommate and I knew we had to get him outside before anyone could notice and punish us for something we didn't even know we did, but someone caught us and it was this huge scandal. Nobody would listen to us when we tried to defend ourselves. I don't know if I got kicked out or just so fed up that I decided to move home, but I was planning on leaving school. I had grand schemes for a final prank that involved swearwords written with condiments on the sidewalk outside of Lane.

Then the dream sort of rewound itself, which I guess was my chance to prevent the whole thing from happening/prove to the administration that I had not, in fact, done anything wrong. Roomie and I were on our guard, as we expected him this time. Then we realized he was already there, sleeping in a heap of blankets on the floor that, in the dream, was actually my bed. We knew it because there was a random empty space about the shape and size of a body under the blanket. So the blankets were just sort of floating there. Except then she could see him, and I still couldn't. I put my hand right through the empty space and she was amazed. I guess our idea of a solution was for me to sleep with Katie in her bed instead of in mine.

There was also something about sushi in Gillies, but not like they ordinarily have it in those little boxes - the whole place was all decked out to look like Asia and there were so many different food options I didn't know what to do.

And there was another part where apparently I got badly hurt and had to stay at a hospital, and my mother was so worried she couldn't sleep so we talked on the phone a lot. She said something about having scars from the ice. I guess there was some sort of violent accident...? I don't even know, but somehow I feel like the injury and the sushi were tied into the creepy invisaboy dream.

Then there was something about my sister and the guy she likes playing video games together.

The last thing I remember is going to an interview for Campus Events Council, which is something else that has been on my mind. I applied for the position of concert coordinator again this year, hoping that by planning ahead a little more and getting really good references, I would get the position this time. But I didn't receive an interview, which I would interpret as meaning they don't want me. Either that or my application was SO AWESOME they didn't even NEED to interview me... but that seems highly unlikely. T_T Well, the interview in the dream went a lot better than the one I actually had last year, which I stammered and stumbled and BSed my way through. I think I might've gotten the job in the dream. If only that one would come true, eh?

So needless to say, I didn't feel particularly rested when the alarm went off at 8 this morning.

But on the bright side, my roommate and I were the only ones in the room.


Brijenieve said...

hahahahahahaha love it.
i dreamed my shower had to scan me, and the scan failed or something, so alarms started blaring and the water wouldn't start. =p

Anonymous said...

you are too much manderz. i wish i could remember half as many of my own dreams because i think most of them would be really happy and delightful...because that's usually how i feel when i wake up. i've just been sleeping too deeply lately. C:

and i wouldn't mind finding out a boy had slept long as he was cute, of course. 0_0

Mandemonium said...

Uh well for one, I had no idea who this guy was but he was being sneaky about it by sleeping invisibly in my bed with me, thus making it really creepy, and even if it hadn't been creepy, well, he still wasn't Paul.

jenniferin said...

well, at least it wasn't sci fi greg this time :P Better a guy you don't recognize versus a guy that would bring on large amunts of violence, however epic they may be.

Megan said...

Mandii Pulls A Battle Axe Out Of Midair And Starts Hacking At People.
...totally makes sense haha

Katie said...

Even if the guy isn't in our room, I'd still share a bed with you. :)

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