Scatterday: If I had my own world...

This week's Scatterday post is all about things that should exist, but either don't, or can't.

First off, we've got scratch and sniff web pages (idea courtesy of Go-Co's student paper photo editor, Paul Wright). This would absolutely revolutionize the Internet! Imagine coming to A Silvertongued Serenade and smelling the tingly scent of a Christmas tree in December or the rich aroma of chocolate on Valentine's Day. Imagine reading Excavations of Claymore and being able to smell the drink I'm reviewing. Think of the marketing possibilities (like our country needs any help with that). Think of the social networking implications! What if you could go on Facebook and experience your significant other's signature cologne or perfume without him or her even being present?

OK, now that we've crossed the creeper line, let's move on to silent velcro! I got this one from the Narcoleptic. There's not much to say, really. Just think of all the times you've been trying not to wake up a roommate or spouse, peeling back the velcro on your briefcase or backpack or shoes at a glacial pace so as not to disturb them. And it would be so much easier to just change rooms and rip it open, but that would require actual movement, so instead you sit there in CCCHHHHHHZZZZKKKKKK-y agony just trying to get the damn thing open and get on with your day.

The last invention of the week is the two-sided Kindle. The Fishbowl and I came up with this one during story time, when we realized how terribly inconvenient it is to stop reading at the end of a page and hold up the picture for everyone else to see. And you can only hold it up for a second because everyone really just wants to get back to the story, so pictures get way less appreciation than they deserve. The Kindle technology is new, but I have every confidence that they could put a double screen on that baby that will display the text on one side and the illustration on the back for such reading-aloud scenarios. Every kindergarten teacher will love it!

And now, some other awesomeness that you should be aware of:

My friend Ravin is in the process of knitting one of these:

My other friend The Cuddle Rapist showed me this. If you have acid, now would be the time to drop it, but you don't really need any for this music video to be as trippy as a screaming hot dog.

I'll leave you with these words of wisdom from Switchfoot's frontman, Jon Foreman: "Hope is living in a world that doesn’t exist yet. Hope is seeing things as they are not. It’s not illogical. It is a dream. And it will come to pass."

Have a fabbity Sattaday!
Peace, love, and Boston Rs,
Miss Rex


Mr. Condescending said...

The kid kindle sounds like not a bad idea, what a great way to have kids grow up and not even know paper books exist! Maybe they'll see a real book someday and think it's a cute napkin holder or something.

K a b l o o e y said...

The hat's great. I don't want people reading the back of my kindle on the subway. But silent velcro? That's a winner.

thisstorysoldbut... said...

I loveeeeee MGMT! I almost saw them 2 summers ago, but David hadn't heard of them yet and didn't feel like going so I didn't have anyone to go with. Now he gets so mad at his self when he realizes what we missed out on.

thisstorysoldbut... said...


i'm writing a research paper blah

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