Sandy Claws

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a summertime equivalent of Santa Claus? You could send the jolly man in red (that's sunburn red) your wish list, and just like magic, you'd wake up one morning to find that everything was amazing! Maybe I'm just let down because the sky went and dumped a foot of snow on us yesterday when the grass was finally starting to show; now all I can think about is how much the suck-o-meter will go down once the temperature goes up.

Fabulous summer Santa, if you're out there somewhere, snowed in and bored with nothing to do until June, maybe you could get a head start on my wish list. Here are the top ten things I can't wait to do:

10. Buy new flats.
9. Rock the heart shaped sunglasses. (I'll admit I've already done this in spite of winter's dominating presence. You might call it a sun ritual... or denial.)
8. Drive with the windows down and the music loud. (All right, maybe I've cheated on this one a little, too. Spaz can testify.)
7. Go stargazing on the roof.
6. Get lost in the woods.
5. Eat ice creemz at Captain Dusty's.
4. Walk to classes barefoot.
3. Play ultimate frisbee on the quad... barefoot.
2. Take a nap in the sun.
1. Go skinny dipping in Gull Pond.

What's on your summer wish list?


emily said...

While I love the winter more than any person should, I do still have a summer wish list:

4. get more frequent pedicures and show them off,
3. take long walks with friends,
2. eat brunch at an outdoor cafe,
1. sleep with the windows open...until it gets too hot and I have to turn on the air conditioning (i.e. 70 degrees)

It is a short list, but all very exciting to me.

Stephanie Faris said...

Great idea. We need an excuse to get gifts in the summer!

Anonymous said...

you know i'm a fan of #1 although i can testify it's much better to do that in August than May. although i have swum in May as well. reeeeeelly cold.

so my honest wish list is TO SEE snow. i haven't since last April. and mostly what i do is sweat. dumb phoenix. today was 60ºF and people were asking me if i was cold. not cold.

unfortunately. my sweaters will be moth-shredded before i use them again.

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