Dreams - for lack of a better title

Weird how contact lenses are like jellyfish. It somehow makes it that much more exciting to stick one in your eye. That reminds me... Ravin and I saved a whole bunch of jellyfish last weekend, we just found 'em lying on the beach, poor things....

On to the real reason I'm blogging this early on a godforsaken Saturday morning. Which is first of all that I have orientation for my job in 20 minutes, but second of all because I had really preposterous dreams last night that I thought I should share.

First, I was with four other people: Two guys, another girl, and someone's grandma. We were mini-golfing. Then everyone started disappearing until it was just me and grams, so we decided we should track them down. One of the guys reappeared momentarily to help us climb over a brick wall, then vanished again.

In the room we'd climbed into, there was nothing but a very tall post in the middle with rungs twisting all around it for climbing. Naturally that explained where everyone had gone! Grams and I started climbing. For a minute the other girl was out in the first room, watching and cheering us on, but she too disappeared again.

The post was much higher than it looked. When we got to the top, Grams and I marveled at how our fingernails had grown much longer in just the amount of time it took us to climb (but it might have been some sort of magic, too, that sped up our bodily processes). There was a latch that said "EXIT," so we pulled it.

Suddenly the post started sinking. And I say started like it was going slow, like Peter walking on the water and starting to sink when he doubted - but no, this thing was going straight down like someone had chopped the bottom right out from under it. We fell for ages and ages. I managed to hang on, but Grams must've let go, because when I finally landed at the bottom and the wreckage of the post conveniently disappeared like I was in some sort of video game, she was gone.

I looked around. We'd fallen so far I was sure I was in the ninth circle of hell, but it didn't look like much. Just a wooden room like you might find at a laser tag place or in someone's tree fort, with a big square hole cut right in front of me. There was another level below the hole. I couldn't see, but someone down there was begging me to help them because their child was bleeding. But I knew it was a ploy and wouldn't go. Instead I took a running leap, cleared the hole, and took off down the narrow wooden corridor. It was like scaffolding.

The person in the lower room was suddenly a monster and sprang out to pursue me. I ran down this scaffolding hallway as fast as I could, down winding wooden staircases and around corners that could've led anywhere. A couple times the "monster" jumped out at me and I had to change direction. It wasn't at all scary - in fact, it looked like the guys we'd come with wearing masks or face paint - but I ran anyway.

At last I came out into daylight and I knew I was safe. Grams was there, and maybe that girl, and the two guys walked out the door behind me, still wearing face paint but laughing like nothing had happened. I guess I was the only one who didn't realize it was a game =/

Second dream, I was working at a very rich person's house, either babysitting or tutoring their kids. But I didn't leave when my duties were complete. Instead I decided to make homemade fudge and went out and bought a chocolate plant. I was skeptical that it would actually grow chocolate, but when you dug a little around the roots, there would be globs of chocolate. Someone had a machine that made glowing bubbles and I thought it might be useful for making the fudge, but it didn't work. Some guy was hanging around the pool area, might've been an older brother or relative or friend, and he kept trying to spoon with me. I was like HEY. I have a boyfriend, go away.

And now off to an extremely ordinary morning of staff training!


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