Everything you do makes it easy to fall in love with you.

Boyfriend and I had a lovely 6-month anniversary celebration this weekend. Boyfriend will call it a victory celebration, and I can't really argue that: six months marks the longest relationship I've had, and still no qualms!

He surprised me with flowers. Now, as a guy, you can never go wrong with flowers, especially red roses. See how pretty they look in my kitchen? I smile every time I walk by them. ^_^

(I love that the chalkboard in the background says "Happy B-Day Julia.")

For dinner we went to my favorite restaurant, the one my family often went for special occasions and celebrations when I was younger. Boyfriend hadn't been there before but he enjoyed it as much as I did. It's such a cute, quirky little place; what's not to love? It's out of place on the busiest intersection in town, surrounded by the likes of Taco Bell, Mickey D's, Chili's and a car dealership. You'd think it was someone's cheery little yellow house. Out back is this tiny little dirt lot. You wouldn't suspect a thing - but surprise! It's a restaurant. The walls are decorated with strawberry-themed antiques and the tables and chairs are all mismatched. It feels like a little, very eclectic country kitchen. And the food is SO GOOD. We both ate way more than our stomachs could actually fit.

That, of course, meant we had to go walk it off at the reservoir when we got back to my house. Dusk was just turning to night and the fireflies were out in the canyon by the dam. Unfortunately, so were the mosquitos, so we soon walked back home and usurped the family room to watch Toy Story 2. Boyfriend's idea, not mine, I'll have you know. Not that I would ever complain about watching Toy Story. I just thought it was worth mentioning since I generally complain about him choosing terrible movies. So, on top of being the reigning champion of my love life, Boyfriend must also be congratulated for doing absolutely everything right on our anniversary. ^_^

And now it's tangent time! Because what would my blog be without random drivel peppering every post? Has anyone else noticed that Woody looks an awful lot like Gabe Saporta? It's his eyes and mouth, I think, and the general way his face moves.

My new theory is that Pixar is wholly responsible for Cobra Starship. How else could that band possibly be as amazing as they are? Okay, that's all I have to say about that.


Katie said...

I'm so happy for you and Paul!!! I'm glad you had a wonderful anniversary. :)

And...Woody and Gabe...I can definitely see the resemblance! hehe

Anonymous said...

Strawberry Fair! Sooo grood. It really does sound like Paul did all the right things. I congratulate him too. C:

There are ACTUALLY girls who wouldn't be made happy by red roses. I don't like those girls. They're too picky and stuck up to be thankful.

As for Woody and Gabe, you certainly picked good comparison photos. i think i would actually have to watch the movie again to see...

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