Thanks for the immense amount of input on my hairstyle! I took your advice to heart and chopped it all off. I now have a neon green mullet; it's the color of a green screen, can you imagine?! Just kidding! Lawlz. But it is pretty short. Definitely shorter than my boyfriend's. Erm. Yeah. And now for The Most Awesome Thing Anyone Has Shown Me This Week, Including That Mess Of Paste By That Kid At Camp - courtesy of Schneckleface:

Also, I intend to purchase the new Cobra Starship album DIGITALLY. I know. Normally I buy things in hard copy so I can have the album artwork. But if what's up on Gabe's blog is legit, then I will intentionally NOT buy a hard copy so I don't have to deal with looking at the album artwork.


Organic Meatbag said...

Chuck Norris has wild monkey sex with bat-women... it's true...

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