No two people are not on fire.

Week one at my new job as a camp counselor is almost over, and I have no complaints. All right, so we spend a large percentage of the day in the bathroom and I feel like I'm the only counselor on spill patrol at snacktime, but that's forgivable. I'm getting paid to play with a herd of four-year-olds all morning! I almost know all thirteen of my kids' names and I've established enough authority over them to actually get them in some semblance of a straight line when I have to. Sure I feel like I've shouted myself hoarse coming home every day, but it's not because the kids are bad - it's just because I have to make myself heard over their gibbering if I want to get anything done. Thus far every such annoyance has been worth its weight in sheer cuteness. Today one of my little boys turned around, looked up at me, and said, "You're beautiful." Then he turned to his friend next to him and said, "don't you think she's beautiful?" And his friend, very decisively, goes "yes." ZOMG SO CUTE!

After nearly a week of rain and indoor play, we finally got to bring them outside today for a toy car wash. It was the first time I didn't have to be in the midst of the chaos entertaining them, because they took care of it themselves. When we're stuck inside the counselors have to get really creative. Bathroom break becomes storytime for the kids who don't have to pee. Walking down the hall becomes follow the leader with some pretty sweet variations (picture me pretending to be a frog, an airplane, and a chicken). BUT, the lady who supervises the supervisors told me I'm a natural and she could tell right away! =) So overall this job's a lot of fun and really rewarding (and it'll be waiting for me next summer if I want/need it), but I know I'm not ready to be a parent because after three hours, I'm REALLY happy to go home!

I didn't get to do that yesterday, though. I watched Princess Sharon's kids from noon til seven. They are the EPITOME of adorable! I convinced them that hunting dragons is my night job. I said it's very important because people don't believe in dragons, so they can't be allowed to see any - and that's why I have to keep them under control.

They always want to play doctor. Last time I said I had a sore throat and a headache, so Zander took my temperature and decided the only cure was to give me a tattoo on my hand. I said "I don't like needles! I don't want a tattoo! What is it of?" and he said, "a circle with colors in it." Oh. Well, that's okay I guess. Especially since I told him he had enough earwax for me to go spelunking in his ear canal. After that they decided to play hair dresser. Zander started shaving the sides of my head and I said "DO I LOOK LIKE A BOY? Are you giving me a mohawk or what?" Well by the time he and his sister Aizza were finished, I was sporting an imaginary rainbow mohawk.

Speaking of my hair, I'm getting a real haircut tomorrow. Any ideas? I've got to chop off a good four inches, but I don't want to go shorter than my shoulders. I was thinking maybe a little longer in front and shorter in back, but that would require me to straighten it I think and I am way too lazy to do anything with my hair 90% of the time. The other 10% of the time I feel obliged to look decent for Boyfriend. Oh- also, I want to grow out my bangs. So that doesn't leave a whole ton of options. Tell me what you think I should do!!

I'll end on a musical note. I am falling in love with every word that comes out of Matt Nathanson's mouth. I want to melt at every line! Oh love songs....


Anonymous said...

1. those straight lines sure are important!
2. you should have an "attention-getting device" so you don't have to use your voice for that. Maybe a whistle or a bell or something like that. maybe lean toward a not-militaristic-boot-camp thing though.
3. when you're a mom you don't usually have to deal with 13 at a time.
4. i love you.
5. i need to go now. C:

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