Excavations of Claymore: The Blondie

Le Skeptic and the beverage bunch - Razzmatazz, Mnomanoms, and The Addict - sample The Blondie! (Banana hazelnut latte)

Okay y'all, here's the rule for this post. This drink contains banana flavoring. Therefore, I talk about bananas. Let's all be mature coffee connoisseurs and not make any thatswhatshesaid jokes, okay? Okay.

I won't lie; the primary reason I picked this drink was because of the pretty title card. Well, and I like bananas.

I know you're thinking, "banana and hazelnut?? You're not the only skeptic here tonight." Oh, believe me, Le Skeptic was even more skeptical than usual about this one. Luckily, curiosity did not kill this cat, this time.

Caffeinated, liquid banana is delicious! Who would have guessed it? The Blondie was the BEST coffee drink I've ever had, hands down! I probably liked it so much on account of the 'naner flavor overpowering the espresso flavor. So, again, I cheated my way around trying an actual coffee beverage. But this week I only cheated by accident! Well, except that I got twice as much milk and half as much espresso as the drink called for... but shh! It's progress.

Razzmatazz played Switzerland this week. Mnomanoms and The Addict agreed that The Blondie would be a poor choice for non-naner-lovers, and Mnomanoms added that you'd have to be a monkey to like it.

That must make me Queen Kong; I liked it so much I went back for another the next night.


emily said...

you are always making me so jealous with your claymore drinks. i need to find someone who will make me one of these.

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