Fake Plastic Trees

The US government has it all wrong. They’re trying to fix environmental problems by throwing the green stuff at the issue (LA Times article), but the kind of green stuff we need doesn’t come from the Treasury or the Federal Reserves.

I read in a different newspaper, and now I can't find the link to share it, that China is in the process of planting acres upon acres of forest. The thing is, it's not enough to just stop putting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. There's too much already there. We have to take measures to get rid of the stuff that's floating around up there if we want to have polar ice caps twenty years from now.

Enter my evil plan to save the world.

My new life goal is to plant trees. Maybe a whole forest is a little ambitious, but I can start with just a tree. Imagine if every person in the US planted just one tree. Just one. That's 300 million living, breathing trees! Think of the impact that could have. We could, if we worked together, literally save the world.

Takers? Anyone know where I can get that many seeds? Anyone know where I'd be allowed to plant that many seeds...?


Cynthia@RunningWithLetters said...

Hi...Cynthia again...there's something for you over at my place today!

Brijenieve said...

So I basically love that idea... and I'm totally in on it with you!!! HAH you should start surreptitiously planting trees around campus... but actually I think you could probably plant trees from seeds anywhere, and no one would know for twenty years or so, depending on the kind of tree. Then again, you'll want to plant somewhere it'll be less likely for the tree to get chopped. I'm definitely down with this plan though... :)

Stephanie Faris said...

Good idea. We should start a tree-planting day. What was that old song? "Plant a tree for your neighbor..."

emily said...

I love this idea. I live in the city, but I am sure I can find somewhere to make this happen...even if I planted a tree in my house in hopes of getting it outdoors one day.

p.s. I am glad I can finally post a comment. I am not sure why it wasn't letting me do it before. I have a huge backlog of comments to give you.

Shaunak said...

Good idea. We have the Gaia Conservation Foundation here in Mumbai that does the same. There are tree plantation drives annually at the National Park, and the trees are taken care of throughout the year.

We should do whatever we can to make it better for the earth.

Why don't you try doing something like that in your locality if not on a larger scale?

P.S. Hopped over from 20SB ^_^

Author: Havana said...

how i wish there are more ppl like u. the earth really needs us.

i wonder why u call it an evil plan?

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