Excavations of Claymore: The Promised Land

I brought my trusty band of tasters with me this week. May I introduce you to Razzmatazz, M'nomanoms, and the Addict. Oh, and me - I, being the non-coffee-drinker of the critique crew, am Le Skeptic.

Introducing The Promised Land: Honey Almond Steamer
"It makes me feel warm and foamy inside!" - Le Skeptic

We all agreed that this drink was not everything its title promised. "It smells really good right before you take a sip," said the Addict. True story. As M'nomanoms pointed out, the aroma of the Promised Land is like sugar cookie dough. Take note, seekers of the holy grail.

It's flavor, though, was not-much-of-anything with a slight aftertaste of Razzmatazz's mom's Lebanese cookies. Milk has a pretty neutral flavor as is, yet the Promised Land seemed to give it even less of one. After the first few sips of sweet and creamy foam, we were (to use an Old Testament metaphor) uprooted from that place of relative comfort to be displaced in the desert for forty years.

All this implies that it was a bad drink, but all of us except the Addict agreed that it wasn't. It was the sort of drink a mommy would make for a sad or sleepy child. There's a time for a drink like that - i.e., when one is sad or sleepy and far away from mommy at college. I was not sad, nor was I sleepy, and I wasn't missing my mom any more than usual.

But I was in for a pleasant surprise. All the flavor had found its way to a magical mystery layer of foam at the bottom of the cup. I took a sip, expecting more drink, only to discover the elusive Promised Land proclaimed by that little purple piece of paper sticky tacked to Claymore's wall.

It only took 40 gulps to get there.


emily said...

your claymore challenge is totally making me want to do something similar. perhaps the menu at argo tea would be a good place to start...

Juls said...

Only 40 Sips to get to the promised land? I'm sure it was well worth then?!? :) Your fun, unique way of blogging, will definitely have me coming back to read more....
And, thank you for your kind words--and visiting my blog.. come back any ol' time

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