New Camera!

The word Casio might bring to mind a few things. If you're a musician, you might think of a keyboard. If you're a well-dressed businessperson, you might think of a watch. As a matter of fact, it turns out that Casio makes cameras too. Good ones.

My old point and shoot died a couple months ago - right after the pictures I took the night the power went out - and I was in need of a new one for general use and for my trip to Italy next month. So I got this. It's the closest to what they call a "crossover" camera you can get in a point and shoot, as far as I can tell. You can manually adjust things like ISO settings. With the next model up you can even change shutter speed and shoot in RAW format, but I only have so much moolah growing on my money tree right now.

So I took the new guy out for a shoot on Friday. Here are some of the results. I am quite pleased, although it's gonna be a while before I really have any clue how to work this thing ^_^

Peace, love, and pictoors,
Miss Rex


Katie McCoach said...

oooo i really like the third picture down with the waterdroplets. thats very nice.

new cameras are a pain sometimes. I personally hate reading instruction manuals so it's been three years and i still have no clue how to work my cannon. I think I'm gonna have to sell it. I just don't make the attempt anymore, it's sad because I really used to love photography.

so can you recomend any really good cameras that aren't like... completely insane in price?

ps i hope you post some more pictures up!

Katie McCoach said...

thanks for the input on the cameras, it helps!

Mr. Condescending said...

New camera, woo hoo!

You know I still laugh when I think about that video you made where you sold the furniture and the car!

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