Team Rocket Zombies

I had a busy night of dreaming last night, which hasn't happened in a while. Sometimes I remember whole story lines but today I only have a couple small snippets left over.

Jessie from Team Rocket was in my room with a little self-propelled flying machine. It was single-seating and wide open to the air, with a propellor in front and two in the back like a flying tricycle (but the propellors were parallel to the ground - think Avatar aircraft for one). I can't remember why Jessie was there, but as seems to happen frequently in the old Pokémon episodes, I turned the tables on her and stole the machine. I pedaled it around the Fishbowl for a minute while she chased me, but I was too high in the air to reach (apparently my room is even bigger in dreams than in real life, which is considerable since my roommate and I live in what used to be a lounge). I was going to take the craft outside, but for some reason I never made it out. I think the machine broke, whether because it was poorly made (likely, since it came from Team Rocket) or because Jessie caught hold of it and busted something (also likely, since she came from Team Rocket).

The second dream I remember is completely unrelated, and again I only have one specific snippet. I know that I had spent the rest of the dream fleeing something with a few companions, and now we were in a gigantic warehouse. It had a skeletal structure that had once held hundreds upon hundreds of huge cargo boxes, with an aisle down the middle for huge lifters to travel, but it was abandoned now. We were climbing the skeleton because someone had opened a little door on the opposite side and they were letting in zombies whose job it was to kill us. Our side of the warehouse was completely open, but the cargo slots on their side had doors in front of them, so that half of the place was just filling up with zombies piled on top of each other trying to get through those doors to us. We made it to the top but realized that we were no safer up higher (I think the original theory was that zombies couldn't climb). So then we needed to get out of the warehouse before they figured out those doors, which wouldn't take long even for a rotting brain because most of the latches were too old to hold. One of my companions said we would have to dive out the window, and I was the lucky escapee who got to go first and break the glass. So I took a running start (as much as one can on a metal bar) and dove at the window. I was terrified I'd make it halfway through and get my hips stuck, but in the end I got out safely. I don't remember reaching the ground, but I think I fell slowly, which must mean I was unhurt, and I think there were dunes outside, which would hopefully make my landing soft. But that may just be my instincts calling me to spend another gorgeous faux-summer day at the beach!

Peace, love, and the thrill of writing a novel based entirely on cracked out dreams I have had,
Miss Rex


Marsha Sigman said...

What are you watching on TV before bed at night????

I haven't thought about Team Rocket in a long
Those are some awesome dreams! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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