Have you heard of Of course you have, you good little social networker, you. It's the new Twitter, the grandchild of the 200-question MySpace bulletin survey. ANYONE CAN ASK YOU ANYTHING, AND YOU'LL LOVE IT.

EVERYONE will ask you bazillions of questions, because EVERYONE wants to know the deep dark secrets of quirky, fabulous YOU, and you will get social networker's high telling them all the TMI they never wanted to know about quirky fabulous you. To the umpteenth degree. Am I right or am I right?

Problem. As much as quirky fabulous narcissistic you loves telling un-quirky un-fabulous everyone-else about YOU, well, everyone else would much rather be telling YOU how quirky and fabulous THEY are. It's all one big cry for attention. And look, I get it; we all love the feeling of eyes on us, we all want to be loved, we all want to feel like others find us interesting and unique. I want that, too. But frankly they don't give a damn about your deep dark secrets.

At least this is the theory behind why I don't have a formspring. It seems like people are always using their Facebook statuses to beg their friends to ask them questions on, and that is just sad. Sorry if you do this, but when I see that on my news feed, I think, "This is stupid." I always want to ask a question because I feel bad that they have been so unsuccessful in their ventures of narcissism that they need to go on Facebook to ask people to ask them questions, but I can never think of anything interesting or creative to say.

I was never too good at truth or dare, either.

But I was always good at those 200-question MySpace surveys (probably because they were all about quirky fabulous ME), which makes formspring sound like it COULD be fun. I just... can't be okay with further fueling said narcissism. I mean, I guess it's narcissistic to blog, too, as if anyone should care what I have to say, but at least a blog is a legitimate way to get your name out there en route to authordom.

I also have a problem with the anonymity factor. Some small interactive feature might redeem this Me machine, but you don't even know who's asking you these (sometimes highly personal/inappropriate) questions. Yeah, sometimes that affects the answer; but it should, shouldn't it? In a normal, healthy, face-to-face conversation it would.

I guess it also comes down to the fact that I don't expect anyone would be very interested in asking me anything anyway, and I think that would just be depressing.


Mr. Condescending said...

Omg those things are so annoying, but I do understand why people like it.

I actually like reading those memes if it's someone I like.

Mr. Condescending said...

Amanda, you need to get your butt back on twitter!

K A B L O O E Y said...

I do not know of what you speak. Oh well.

Katie McCoach said...

yeah also not to be the debbie downer of the bunch but i just saw a facebook group you can join because a 15 yr old year committ suicide because on formspring classmates were bullying her and told her she should kill herself, and she said, okay i will and i hope you whoever you are will deal with that forever.

so yeah i think formspring can be bad.

sorry i had a mighty strong margarita and i ramble when i do. i dont mean to put a damper on things. i really want a formspring but im like you in trying to oppose the priniciple of it. i did anoymously ask an ask boyfriend a question and that was kinda cool being able to do. hahahha

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