Excavations of Claymore: The Shortstack Chai

Made with really, really good looks, but not-so-good taste.

I love cinnamon (or as my roommate Taz says, "smimmanin"). It's great in oatmeal, French toast, cream of wheat, Snickerdoodles, and crack. Except I lied about the last one. Anyway, the point of the above list was to emphasize that smimmanin does not belong in liquid, ever. It may be a nice embellishment to a pumpkin spice chai apple cider topped with whipped cream, such as the one I got at the place near Gill's school when I visited Ohio. But not in the drink, for goodness sake.

If you want a vanilla chai, get a TeaMac (it comes with a chocolate drizzle at no additional charge). If you want to mix things up, get a TeaMac with almond, you party animal. Do not by any means add cinnamon.

That said, it wasn't an utter failure of a drink, it just sort of tumbled into the uncanny valley of beverages. I'll allow it two stars. But it's weird.

Next week is the LAST Claymore review of the year! What shall I try?

Almond Joy
Coconut Island
English Challenge
The Perfect Cap
Prickly Cactus
Rasp-LIMErry Fizz (clearly NOT coffee)
Thrilla in Vanilla


Anonymous said...

I vote you try all of them and write your last Claymore review of the year on a ridiculous caffeine high.

jenniferin said...

Just think, next week I'll be there to help to decide:) I'd go with the rasp-limerry fizz though

Michael said...

Its too late to actually affect your decision, but I'd go with the Cooney-Cooney... It has Irish Cream!!

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