The Beach of Salisbury

As promised, the photos from Salisbury Beach! Can you spot "That Guy?" He's in more than one.....

I invite you all to suggest captions, since I have never been good at crafting them, and frankly I'd like to hear a little more from you in my comments section, O readers ^_^ If I like yours best, I'll post it with a link to your blog. Yes, networking! Feel teh lovez.

Peace, love and epic sneezes,
Miss Rex


Samson said...

awww man I'm like the worst captioner ever! Maybe something with "skeez ball?" I know, lame.

Hah I do like how I see that guy twice, and boy does he love that greasy food!

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I see you got back on it but I can't reply if you don't follow me :*(

Amandasaurus said...

The really funny thing about that guy is that I literally just walked across the street and took the second picture right after the first. He doesn't even take a break between the corn dog and fried dough!

Samson said...

hahahahah oh god that made me laugh!

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