Excavations of Claymore: Rasp-lime-erry Fizz

OK, guys. Last Excavation of the year! How sad is that? I've been thinking about reviewing the Rasp-lime-erry Fizz because summer is coming and it seemed appropriate to review a cold, fruity drink. Plus, Jenniferin said I should try it. But in fact it is barely over 50 degrees out, so really my body would have preferred something hot. The only reason I'm reviewing this drink tonight is that it cost $1.60, whereas coffee is $2.25, and I had $1.81 left on my meal card.

I forgot to take a picture while I was in Claymore, so instead I am going to post this picture I found of a zombie unicorn until I get around to replacing it. Which may be never, because this picture is awesome.

I must begin with the disclaimer that I dislike fizzy things. I think they are very pretty to watch, and staring at a soft drink makes me think I would like one, but I can't not hate the way the bubbles feel in my throat. So, I am biased. Sorry.

The Rasp-lime-erry Fizz is made of Polar seltzer water and raspberry, lime and cherry flavor shots. In theory, a good mix.

Bubbles aside, I still don't think I'd be a huge fan of this drink. It's syrupy. Not as syrupy as a Shirley Temple, but syrupy. If you're used to that kind of thing then you'll probably like it. The taste is pretty good for something so artificial (which I guess is like saying, "Hitler was an artist. He was OK for a mass murderer.") I just don't normally drink anything made of such flamboyantly fake flavors. I'm all about the Juicy Juice, yo. 100% juice for 100% kids!

And Naked - I love Naked! It's pretty much puréed fruit, which explains why syrupy soda isn't my cup of tea. Or rather, juice.

I still believe raspberry, lime and cherry would make a great team. I'm sure they'd taste amazing together in a smoothie or a freezepop or a mixed drink. Just not in soda.


tdlbr17 said...

pff...i love that drink! it taste like sunshine on the dew of the morning rain......or like an Italian soda.

Michael said...

I can tell you one thing, that picture IS awesome... And I can tell you another thing, thos 3 flavors do NOT go well in a Latte... Lime in general is bad for lattes...

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