Let's get ready to raaaaamble

This Sunday was Adam Ezra Group's Ramble at Salisbury Beach. If you saw my Ramble plug, you know that buses were supposed to pick up concertgoers and take them to the venue for a pre-amble complete with sand, snacks and the obligatory meet and greet. All fabulous in theory. In practice, though...

My bus never came. Turns out that the driver got so turned around by the Walk for Hunger in Boston that he just forgot to come to Go-Co. My car effed up again on my way back to school Friday afternoon, so I was wary of taking the poor guy on a 45-minute road trip, but I was desperate. It would've taken more than twice as long for the bus to drop off the rest of the kids and come back for me. On the bright side, it was a gorgeous day for a drive and my route took me through some really nice scenery. And I didn't have to leave the show as early as everybody else did, which equaled chill time with the band, which you know was a big perk in my book!

Salisbury Beach was a town in a time warp. There were old-school arcades with games from the early '80s, if not earlier. I imagine Hull used to look like this back in its heyday. Wish it still did. I took on Rob, AEG's bassist, at air hockey and tried all the cookies in the fundraiser contest, but I didn't get much hang time with the band because I was so late and they had to go warm up. Adam felt really bad the bus forgot me. Turtle said, "I told you it wouldn't work."

I took many a picture with my new camera, which I've dubbed "Cassie." Here I'd like to share the best of them with you. Concert photos first; later I'll post pictures of the town once I've had a chance to sort/fix them.

I helped the guys pack out after the show and we chilled outside with a couple girls who go to even more of their shows than I do. I found out Chappy (the one playing the weird drum thing that looks like an urn) grew up in the town next to mine. Small world. Then they all decided to go to a bar, and they were going to pretend I was 21 so I could go in with them and I just wouldn't order any drinks, but alas, they were checking IDs at the door, so I left. Apparently I am now cool enough to get a kiss on the cheek from Adam when I say goodbye. That's kind of rad.

The rest of the night turned into a fiasco of epic proportions, but that is a story for another time.


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