The Rainbow Connection

Most days I hate New England weather, but today was special. It was gorgeous and sunny all morning. Then around 4:30 there was a thunderstorm. This is a rare treat for us. We get a lot of dreary days, drizzly days, and downright downpour days, but usually we have to go to the mountains for a good thunderstorm.

Our room got really dark, and Taz and I amused ourselves counting seconds between lightning and thunder. The storm never got very close, so we got bored, she went somewhere else, and I went back to work. Then I suddenly noticed it had gotten very bright and the sunlight was bright gold on the pine trees outside. It was still pouring, which somewhat gave away the surprise, but as an avid rainbow-watcher I would have known that shade of gold anywhere. I ran to the window. There was a triple rainbow outside.

Luckily I have a fabulous new camera, so I booked it out to the quad and started snapping. While I was out there more rainbows appeared. I believe at one point there were five. Now for the record, I occasionally have random trippy dreams where I'm walking down the street and millions of rainbows appear, so after number four I started to wonder whether I was awake. Why yes I am on crack, thank you very much.

But this really happened, and I have the pictures to prove it!!

Most regrettably I do not have photo or video footage of this, but there was random spider lightning in between the two arcs at one point. It was epic on an apocalyptic scale.

For me, though, this is the best part:

Ever since the flood, the rainbow has been a sign from God, at least according to the Bible. And for a while now, I've been pleading with God to give me some concrete sign that he's paying attention and that I'm not crazy for writing him letters every day. My spirit is willing but my mind is weak. I can't seem to believe absent some miraculous, tangible evidence.

I think five rainbows is a fairly compelling sign.


Michael said...

The weather today was awesome, we went driving to the North Shore Mall during the storm and it was scary/fantastic/amazing!!

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