I dreamed I was in my apartment with one of my guy friends, but it was the middle of the night, and our school has a rule that you can't have visitors of the opposite sex in your apartment past a certain hour, so we were blatantly breaking the rules. But no one would have known a thing if my apartment mates (who were not the same as my real life apartment mates) hadn't suddenly brought a party into our living room. A very loud party with girls AND boys.

Of course we got caught. I stepped out of my room to be like "WTF guys?" just in time to get nabbed with the rest of them. But when I told the RD I had no idea why there was a party in my living room, he let me go without saying a word about the friend who'd been in my room. I was so relieved he hadn't noticed. When I got back to my room, they had transformed the living room into an all-out bar (another no-no - we aren't allowed to have booze on campus, nor are we allowed to turn out the lights in mixed company).

A bunch of us went down to the first floor, which is a guys' floor. Apparently it was all right to be down there if we stayed in the main corridor, which was easier said than done since all the walls and doors were gone; the place was transformed into a huge cafeteria. I saw someone I knew and went over to say "hi," but it turned out he was a zombie, so I went back to my other friends. Suddenly we realized we weren't in the main corridor and thus were technically in violation of visiting laws, so we scurried back to safe ground.

Seconds later I got a text. I didn't know who it was from, but whoever sent it said they'd seen what I'd just done and I should turn myself in for it. I couldn't even tell where the corridor turned into restricted territory, and I'd only crossed for a second! Like hell I was turning myself in.

But this person kept hounding me. Every time I looked at a screen, and sometimes just randomly in the air in front of me, his messages would appear. They were always on a grid of hash marks that flickered in and out like the screen was about to die. It had a very creepy feel to it, like this person that I didn't know and never saw was some kind of ghost or demon, or worse yet, a Fight-Club-esque alternate self. My techy friend was trying to help me figure it out, but he was never there to see the messages and I started to get the feeling that he and the sender were actually one and the same.

Next thing I knew I was being held hostage in my bedroom at home. There was a party going on in my back yard, like a birthday party or something with lots of young kids who might have been my mom's piano students. I was standing in my back window looking out, thinking about how far down it was. The grass was so green and soft that I knew I could jump the one story down onto it without getting hurt, and I was about to when I got kidnapped.

Now I'm in the back seat of a car. I don't know where they're taking me, but it can't be good. They are not good people. I am working on a diversion of some kind. I think it involves food. The last thing I remember is preparing to jump out the back door while the car is still in motion...

Good morning, Saturday.

Luckily things only got better as the day went on. I spent the afternoon with JW and his family. They had about 20, 25 people over for Thanksgiving: Round Two - and that was only about 5% of the family tree. It was so fun. Big families are great. Remembering all those names was good mental exercise, too.

Then I drove home to see Adam Ezra playing in the town next door, in fact at the same place we had my post prom party. I went with my daddy, and it was nice to go do something with him, even though he wasn't crazy about the headliner (and I would have to agree that Adam's music is more my type). But I did get to have a good long conversation with Adam that touched on his tour with Enter the Haggis, the band's new album, my finals, my internship, and fantasy literature, especially our mutual love for The Golden Compass and the fact that, unlike a lot of people who say "your book-in-progress sounds interesting, but fantasy's not really my genre," he actually seemed excited to read what I'm working on. We agreed that when he finishes his album and I publish my novel, we'll trade. Cool beans.

Peace, love, and sweet dreams,
Miss Rex


Anonymous said...

That's really funny you said that to the comment you made on my blog about having a friend be there or making a private blog - my friend and i were talking later that night and decided we would do exactly that! everyday we will post to a blog (but mine will be hidden except for some people, aka, i would love it if you wanted to read it!) and so it's like I have something concrete to reach for so we don't let each other down. I love all your comments on my blog because they just reinforced alot of things i think and they are very supporting and helpful! I went to comment on your blog like a month ago when you said we'll go rent a house on a lake cuz seriously thatd be the perfect way to write and i had this lovely comment all written about your piece and then, all then when i submitted it it didnt work cuz my awesome internet and the comment was lost! And my biggest pet peeve is loosing something i write. I refuse to write it all over again, it makes me insane. So I apologize for that, but, just know that out there somewhere in the blogging universe there are my comments floating around for you. haha.

and your dream on this post is so crazy! I loved it though it was awesome to read. Do you believe dreams have secret meanings? or Freud like meanings? Ah, I think dreams are insane but amazing and they totally tell you something. Do you remember alot? I guess technically if you dream alot it means you don't sleep very well since you only remember them if you interrupted them and all, but still, i dunno.

anyway, i'm so out of date and not caught up but thats awesome you have a fantasy novel in progress. I'd love to read it! even the work in progress! im curious to know what your writing habits are.

PS. I hope you haven't lost toes yet in the cold over there. It dropped to the 50-60s last week here and you wouldnt have thought I grew up on the east coast by the way I threw on that winter coat. haha.

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