Ban the tube top!

I just ordered these sexcellent new galoshes! I've spent way too much money today but I really do need new rainboots, it was a fabulous deal, and I mean, look at them:

Soooo.... I went to this Reel Big Fish concert with Ravin and The Pantsless One foreverrr ago and I'm finally getting around to blogging about it. Life's been that way. No time, busy busy busy. But in a good way. More on that later. Anyhow, the concert was great. The venue was awkward in a new-agey-meets-parent-of-a-kindergartener's-fridge sort of way. There were these weird paintings that looked like my campers could've done them, with nonexistent words painted clumsily across the page. A big oval plaque up front over the stage bore the image of what I'd say was a hand, but with three fingers and a curly thumb on each side; it read, "All is one. Who do you love?" Perhaps supposed to be endearing, like our "Home is where your Mom is" sign, but really it only managed to be unsettling. The ladies' room was circular, which also made me uncomfortable, and the coloring/lighting did not help my phobia of public restrooms.

The openers were good enough, but you know how it is when you don't know any of the songs and you're waiting for the main act to take the stage. When they finally did, I let the circles sweep me away. Somehow I hardly got bruised at all in the melee. Although I did get knocked to the ground during "Beer" and while down there, managed to trip another three or four people before someone pushed the crowd back and helped us up. I love it when moshers are kind and helpful. Ravin had a personal protector all night. He kept pulling her out of messes and saying things like, "you'll be safe now."

We had to leave before the encore because we thought we'd miss our train. But then we weren't sure where the station was and walked past it, at which point we encountered some random dudes who had a question for us.

"Hey, hey, can I ask you an honest question?" one of them asked in this brilliant accent that made us all melt a little more than we wanted to admit. "Does it look like I am wearing eyeliner?"

I was confused why he was talking to us and didn't manage to say anything, but finally Ravin or TPO was like, "no, no - you just have, uh, really dark eyelashes." So I nodded and agreed. Then they asked us to go to the Roxy with them and we were like ummm no. Then it was double awkward because we realized we'd passed the station and had to turn around and walk by them again.

Then, on the train, we befriended this one kid who was also at the show, and he was a sweetheart and didn't hit on any of us, which was great of him, because as soon as he left, two more guys came up to us with another question.

"Does he look drunk to you?" said the first guy, pointing to his friend.

I didn't particularly think so or care, so I was like "no, not at all... tra la la la la" and went about my business. But then, after me Ravin and TPO had a long and loud discussion about the Disney channel, they tried to get us to come for a ride in their limo (what? What is attractive/seductive about discussing the Disney channel?). We told them unless their limo had ice cream, we'd have to pass. Then we got in TPO's car and drove to Wendy's, where I got ice cream. The end!

Oh, but I did promise to explain why I've been so absent. Aside from work, my social life picked up and I've spent 80% of my waking hours (and a lot of my sleeping ones, too) at Ravin's and Boyfriend's houses. I've been swimming in Deluxebury countless times in the past two weeks (my poor gas tank, but well worth it anyway). Ravin's friend from school, Bear, who we befriended when he visited last summer, came for another visit and I basically moved in at Ravin's for the week he was there. But not as much as TPO, who literally moved in.

I have many a story about said visit, but it shall have to wait until my eyes no longer burn from staring at a computer screen and not sleeping in order to make this 30-second short I'm entering in a scholarship contest. I found out about it a week ago. Shot it this weekend. Captured yesterday. Rough cut done today. I mean business here; $5000 are on the line! I'm supposed to show how I'm saving money for college. It's allowed to be funny and creative. I hope that encompasses "fictional" because my concept is that I try to sell a few things we don't need and end up selling everything we own. So, final cut will hopefully be done tomorrow, which coincidentally is Boyfriend's birthday!! Yay, happy birthday!!!

And now this post is officially over.


Nathan Day said...

How do you make a story about minor events sound interesting? (other than the Big Fish bit, that actually sounds humorous.) Whenever I blog stuff I did it sounds boring as all getout. Seriously, my way of describing it would have been like "I went to a concert with some moshing, then while leaving me and my friends got hit on by some random guys, but they lacked ice cream, so they were no good to me. A friend I met last year visited, which was entertaining. Oh, and Paul's birthday's coming up, huzzah! /end", but I suppose that's why you're a writer and I'm a digital artist XD

But huzzah, I got a mention in ze blog. I feel special.

For some of it, I feel as if I'd be more confused if I hadn't heard the story from two others multiple times :P

Either way good luck (or break a leg, depending if you're superstitious about "good luck" or not) on the video submission, the hard part's done now, now's just the waiting portion.

wanda said...

I really like those boots!

&& I hope this comment works, because commenting blogs can be super frustrating.

Amandasaurus said...

It did. And you would.
Love, Cosmo
p.s. I love Nathan's summary of events. "They lacked ice cream, so they were no good to me." So true.

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