Episode One: Tuesday's gray and Wednesday, too.

BUH I'm SO tired right now. Didn't sleep much all weekend, and as usual when I don't sleep, it was well worth it. Let's see let's see, but it's been a while since I updated so I'll start with last week.

Sunday my family was supposed to leave for vacation in New Hampshire, but my dad was re-siding the house and put off leaving til Monday. Then when I got home from work on Monday he'd decided they weren't going at all because he wanted to finish siding the whole house and not just the part he was supposed to finish before vacation. If it could've stopped raining the week before everything would've been fine, thank you; he would've got the siding up and they would've been out of here Monday at the latest, leaving the place to me.

I've never had the house to myself. I didn't have any grand plans (although Boyfriend and Dick were determined to show up with lots of people and even more booze) but I was looking forward to the quiet, to not being bothered while in the middle of things, to not being bossed or interrogated or forced to use dirty towels in the bathroom because my dad's the only one who ever gets clean towels and he needs one for every shower he takes, even if he takes more than one a day. All minor annoyances, but they drive me nuts when I'm home from school for longer than the month I'm here for Christmas, so I was really upset when I heard they weren't going. It didn't help that it was still raining.

But in the end, it DID help that it was raining. We got some thunder on Wednesday and it looked like it would turn into big storms later on, not to mention the amount my dad, who's a diabetic, had been working was literally killing him, so he relented and decided to go. I was sort of glad to give up giving him the silent treatment. It feels very rude to me, and I hate to be rude. However, even those to whom we automatically owe respect, like parents, can lose respect, and in my opinion, going back on his word, disappointing the four other people who'd been looking forward to this week, and thinking only of himself and how he wanted to have weekends to himself for the rest of the summer were good enough reasons to shelve my respect for the time being. But thankfully he followed through in the end. Better late than never.

That night I had Boyfriend over for dinner, served on our holiday dishes and illuminated by candlelight. Then we watched Ghost Hunters again. Last time we watched that I couldn't sleep, and not because it's an especially scary show but just because after watching it, I started assuming every miscellaneous sound was caused by something supernatural instead of something normal like wind or water in the pipes, and there were a lot of miscellaneous sounds that night. And a storm, which normally I like but that night all I could think of was how the tree thrashing outside my window looked like a laughing demon and I could feel him watching me even with the shade closed. So I took some melatonin and conked out. Anyway, after watching Ghost Hunters this week we watched Kiki's Delivery Service so I wouldn't wig out all night in the empty house.

Thursday was my last day of work for the week because of the holiday weekend. My cute story of the week is, there's this one little boy named Ronan with the most adorable golden blond ringlets. I met him the first time we went outside and the kids had a toy car wash. He was running around in terror, saying that "they" were trying to run him over. I'm assuming he meant the other kids but I guess "they" could've been in his head, too, since no one was actually doing anything of the sort. Anyhow, he does that kind of thing a lot, and he also always walks to and from the playground with me because he trails behind and gets stuck at the end of the line, and that's my spot. And he always says "aww, fiddlesticks!" at least two or three times per walk. When I ask him what's the matter, he says, all huffy, that he's at the end of the line again.

Also, today, me and him and Zach (the one who called me beautiful) and a couple of my girls had a great discussion about love on the way back from the playground. It all started with one of them hugging me, and when I said "Thank you! I love hugs! They're my favorite!" all six of the kids near me had to take turns giving me hugs or kisses. Then Catherine explained, "we give love to our families." I wish you could've heard her say it because it was way cuter coming from her than it is from me.

Thursday night was made of fail because we invited so many people to my house and in the end it was just me and Boyfriend. So we watched the end of Kiki's Delivery Service and went back to his house to sleep.

Friday was when things really started to get interesting. Bet you really want to read about it, don't you? Well HA, you'll have to wait until next time, because I'ma pass out on my keyboard if I try and finish this post now. And it'll be a BEAST of a post if I cram all that excitement into one. Anticipation, my friends. It's a wonderful thing. Often better than the thing you're anticipating. I look back on my high school days of counting down 20, 60, even a hundred days to a show I'd bought tickets to, because going to a show was that big of a deal. It still is, I just go to more of them now and don't have enough space to count down to them all. Lawl. And come to think of it, the show is almost ALWAYS more fun than the anticipation. Reel Big Fish tomorrow at the House of Blues! 1240 minutes... =D



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