My video just went through, which means you can all start voting! It's 30 seconds long, so please take the time to watch it. Then vote vote vote! You can vote once a day through August 1st! This is very important; $5000 are on the line here. If you're feeling especially generous and have many followers, I implore you to repost to your blog so I can get even more views! Thanks!!


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Nathan Day said...

Can vote once per day? Is that like... multiple votes on the same video, or can vote on multiple entries?

Amandasaurus said...

Er, I think and hope it's multiple votes on the same video. It would be weird if not because then you could vote for all of them... once. Thus eliminating the need to vote at all.

Nathan Day said...

Well that'd just be silly :P

Anonymous said...

MANDERS! your video is top ELEVEN already! yes i know the top ones have 700 votes, but you're already in the running. EVERYONE VOTING NEEDS TO VOTE FROM EVERY EMAIL ADDRESS THEY HAVE!

Peterson Family said...

Stopping in from SITS...and I voted for you!

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