Family. Furniture. Flying. It must mean SOMETHING.

I had a very eventful night last night. I dreamed I was at a relative's house for some sort of family gathering. It was an aunt on my dad's side, which in itself is strange because we don't do a whole lot of gatherings with that half of the family. But there I was, and my grandma was there, and I was trying to be friendly and sweet towards her but I guess I offended her by saying that she was short. Which she is, and which she constantly draws attention to when we do see her, and which the men on that side of the family tend to good-naturedly tease her about in real life. Well for some reason it really upset her in the dream, and it upset me that it upset her, so I really didn't want to stick around anymore since she was so angry.

Also, my dad was trying to convince me to take my aunt and uncle's pull-out couch because it folded out into a king-size bed. They were moving out and weren't going to keep it anyway. Evidently I'm just that enormous that I would need a king-size bed all to myself. Or maybe he was anticipating that I wouldn't have it all to myself, since he was talking about bringing it to "my place." Yes, apparently I had a place and someone to share it with.

Then I was at a different house, which was nearby and, I think, still belonged to the same aunt and uncle as the other house. At any rate, I'm pretty sure the other person there was their son, who's probably not more than ten or so. I still wanted nothing more than to get the heck out of there. Then I remembered I knew how to teleport so I decided to go see Boyfriend. But I didn't want to just vanish; I wanted to be showy about it. I decided I would climb up the outside part of the staircase (because I couldn't just walk up the stairs like a normal person would) and throw myself off the banister on the second floor, then vanish midair. I climbed up and was about to stand on the banister when I heard a really weird noise. At first I thought it was the cat, but then I realized there was a monster in my cousin's bedroom and fell off the banister. I must've teleported myself while falling because I never hit the ground, but I never ended up at Boyfriend's, either, so I don't know what happened there.

Next thing I knew, I was at this big, grassy area off the side of King St. in Coho. Although no such grassy area exists in real life, I have dreams about stuff happening off that street ALL the time, and there's always a lot more wilderness than in actuality. Anyway. The grass was greener than anything I'd ever seen and there were gargantuan trees, leafless and twisted, sticking out of the field. I was flying, and effortlessly, which hardly ever happens. On the rare occasions that I dream about flying, I generally have to like, swim through the air. Some of the massive tree branches had been cut off, leaving flat, table-top-like circles up at the tops of the trees where I would alight to rest. But one of the tabletops was being swarmed by little black flies, and they tried to eat me when I landed there. Gross.

Then my phone went off and I woke up, really angry that it was already seven and I had to get up to finish the homework for my 9:10 class, which I didn't do last night. Imagine my euphoria when I saw that it was a text message saying CLASSES WERE CANCELED! So now, Ima finish that homework and maybe some other stuff too so I won't have to stress this weekend, but mostly I'm looking forward to having a little time to work on "Before the Empty Moon."


Anonymous said...

"Then I remembered I knew how to teleport" i love you.

Katie said...

I wish I could fly.

Dee said...

you can TELEPORT ?!

I haven't had a flying dream since I was like 8 :( I have more nightmares than anything.

Brijenieve said...

Hahahahahaha awesome. I had bizarre and vivid dreams as well but I can't remember much about them anymore... except that I know it involved some people from highschool and me beating the crap out of some guy. Not from highschool.

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