The snow is falling and friends are calling yoo hoo.

New Year's Resolution #1: Suffer for my Art

Got up at 7 this morning and went out to take pictures in the Gordon woods. Okay, saying I got up at 7 is sort of a lie, but that was the time I set my alarm for and it was only quarter to eight when I made it out the door with my digital camera (sadly I didn't have any film for the other one) and a double dose of hot green tea with honey to keep me from turning into a walking igloo. I was wading through snow as high as my knees at times. That hasn't happened since I was about five. Doubleplusawesomexcore.

By the time I got to these wacky trees, I'd walked quite some distance and had long since drained my supply of green tea, so I plopped down in the snow and took a little nap. I know that sounds crazy, but I swear it was the most comfortable nap I've taken in ages. The snow formed perfectly to the shape of my body and I was hardly even cold. It was just... peaceful. Unlike my second-floor hall of Ferrin on the east side.

After wandering the woods for two hours and eating a carbtastic breakfast to cancel out all that good exercise, I got invited to go sledding with Schneckleface and Hacks, so I re-bundled up and we went to dig out Hacks's car. This was an adventure unto itself, as apparently it had snowed about a foot in the less-than-24-hours since she'd parked it. Then we packed up the ol' storage bins (i.e. makeshift sleds with a bit more to them than Lane trays... even the fiberglass ones ^_^) and drove to Marblehead, where Schneckleface teaches and knew of a good hill.

Amber thought we were crazy for using storage bins instead of going out to buy cheap $5 sleds at the store. But none of us had five dollars. We didn't even have five collective dollars. Plus, being inventive is far more entertaining and makes for much better stories (and photos) in the end.

On top of fun times in the snow, I'm happy because my sister's been talking to me. Of course I'm not going to spew the details of her life across the internet (I only inflict that sort of abuse upon myself XD), but I'll say that she was telling me about a certain boy she's got a sort of date with this weekend. Apparently they texted back and forth just shy of 70 times within the span of four hours last night. I have a boyfriend and we don't talk that much. Good grief. But I'm happy for her, and I'm happy she's telling me about her life like I'm her friend or something. That's all I've ever wanted to be for her.


carlydee said...

Icicles! Love the pictures.
I never thought about sleeping in the snow... I probably wouldn't wake up.
It's nice, to be friends with your sister. I'm very close with mine, despite our spats.
Hope your January is... errh... jolly. :)

Anonymous said...

you have to remember that your sister is hardly out of jr. high (is she...i can't remember) and it seems like texting and age have an inverse relationship.

i'm glad she's talking to you. that's happy. C:

Dee said...

makes me sad (and maybe a little jealous) that it doesn't snow in Chile :( but your pictures cheared me up :)

mine's not dating YET. but just yesterday she was being invited to the swimming pool (we live in a condo) by this boy who kept asking her if she had a facebook. honestly I wanted to punch him in the face but I just kept knitting.

Rhianna Joy said...

beautiful pictures :) . they actually make me love snow....but i still hate the cold. I hope to see more photos on your blog :D

Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure "suffer for [your] art" was your #2 Resolution. But waking up early quite matches your #1 resolution- "Sleep when you're dead"


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