Welcome to Hyperstressdom! funtime.

For the record, I've disabled anonymous commenting. Didn't want to, buuut I'm not gonna lie, whoever's pretending to be Gabe Saporta and asking where I live is sorta creepin me out... If you wanna identify yourself I'll turn anonymous comments back on... and I mean, saying you'll design my wardrobe isn't really something worth hiding, it's kind of silly, don't you think? Why don't you... uh.... go write a poem, and not attribute it to yourself...? Oh. Kids can be so cruel. <3 SB

I'm a lil bit out of it. That point of hyperstressdom is setting in really early this semester on account of the family I might babysit at 6AM 3 days a week is psychotic but if I don't take the job I'll probs have to drop my photography class because I won't be able to afford materials. That's the nutshell version.

I'll share my little scene from life, and then I'm crashing. I went to the grocery store yesterday to get all those essential things like milk, apples, yogurt, and bananas. Walking to the checkout line, there was this girl standing there with a humongoid Bratz balloon that played a SONG about the Bratz and how they're fashonistas and clearly the shiz and stuff. I could only shake my head. Why, back in my day, you were lucky to get a balloon filled with helium instead of CO2. And you had to walk five miles to the grocery store to get one... uphill both ways... in two feet of snow.


Brijenieve said...

I think we shopped at the same grocery store when we were little! XD

Dee said...

whenever I go out with my little sister (which is not too often, I tend to avoid that) she repeats: buy me that barbie! look a bratz! littlest petshop! etc. I don't even answer her, I just keep walking, she knows I'm not gonna buy her that shit.

ballons that PLAY SONGS?! I didn't know that... this reminds me of Charlie Bucket. little kids that get what they want always remind me of him.

Katie said...

It WAS totally a big deal to get a helium balloon. Dang, now they sing...that's WACK! :)

Dee said...

what are you studying?

thank you, again. don't know how many times I have thanked you, but once again, I do. You always seem to have an advice whenever I write desperate things like that. And there's really not so many people who are patient enough to listen to me saying that. More like, people hardly listen nowadays. So, yeap, thanks :D

krystinadee said...


the last paragraph made my day.

kids are taking everything for granted these days. all spoiled prepubescent brats with cellphones to talk to their boyfriends of 2 hours.

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