I was wigglin' around, like... when I was a zygote, brotha.

The issue of abortion hits pretty close to home for me. I'm adopted; my mother was young and unmarried and, if she'd wanted to take the easy way out, could've chosen to abort me. Imagine that. I would have never existed. I didn't do anything right to deserve this opportunity to live instead of die. Neither did millions of unborn babies do anything wrong that made them not deserve the same opportunity to life that I received, yet they were killed anyway. I think that, living in the United States, it would be outrageous for the government to take that choice away from mothers, and there would probably be all sorts of riots and such, but it's equally outrageous to give mothers permission to slaughter their unwanted children through partial birth abortions and the like. I understand there are circumstances in which abortion is the best and/or only option. When the mother's health is at risk. When the mother is a rape victim. Not when the mother slipped up and ended up with a fetus she didn't want. Also, taxpayers are going to be responsible for the cost of these abortions, whether we agree with them or not. The FightFOCA site has a lot more info in a lot more detail than my little rant here, so check it out, and SIGN THE PETITION to PREVENT the Freedom of Choice Act from passing!

By the way, the quote in the title came from Mr. Ryland Blackinton, who equals love.
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