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Alternative Press: Top Ten Songs of 2008

I'll admit there are a couple of good songs in there - I mean, I like All Time Low's cover of Umbrella, the new Jack's Mannequin song and the catchy little ditty by FTSK. Some of the others were decent and some less so. But I don't think a single one of these belong on a "Best of 2008" list. ESPECIALLY Norma Jean. Good God, how do they even continue to have a career? Like, even beyond differences in stylistic preference, they are just plain BAD.

Let it suffice to say that I am disappointed.

But on a brighter note, MAE has gone indie. This year they're releasing one song every month. To get it, you have to donate on their website ($1 or more), and all the proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity. These guys are really doing something cool with this scheme, not to mention they're just really cool guys in general; and no, I am not biased because the bassist hit on me that one time. They're talented artists making quality music for a noble cause. Do your part to save the scene (and the world...?) and go nab their first track of '09, "The House that Fire Built," off their site. For now I've got it playing in the sidebar so y'alls can get a taste of it. Hope you like it... because I don't know how to turn off "auto-play." ^_^


Katie said...

It's been difficult consistently getting internet on my laptop. I had to go a couple days without checking my e-mail... so I never had much time to get on blogger.

You find the greatest bands that support great causes!

Dee said...

Jack's Mannequin's new album is probably the best thing of '08...

saraphimiscool said...

so... what's with you AND billvy not updating your blogs lately? just not ok.

you know what else is not ok? us not talking. i have TWO days of teaching i need to tell you about now. ok. i'm done. aaaaaand i'm calling you. right now.

Mandemonium said...

I've had nothing to post. Do you really want four posts about how bad I suck at Rock Band? The only I've thing I've been working on lately is my bookity book. I guess I did promise an excerpt from that a while back... OK, I can do that in the amount of time I have before I pick up Jane to crash Cara's basement. Happy?

saraphimiscool said...

yes i am happy...except i'm not allowed to read it until i get my work done...which may not be til tomorrow.

this week's free iTunes music video is really trippy...and yet i think you should watch it. *fuzzy.*
dooooo iiiiit!!!!

she gone!

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