Goddamn pharisees.

I'm sorry if this rubs you the wrong way, but when someone gets caught up in a messy situation, the last thing their supposed "brothers and sisters in Christ" should be doing is gossiping about it, especially when said brothers and sisters are adults and the person who got screwed over is only a child. What the fuck makes you think it's all right to judge and condemn a high school girl based on "what everyone is saying" about her? "What everyone is saying" is total bullshit, and even if it was true, you're a hypocrite if you expect better from her than you were ever able to do at her age. Not that she even did what you did. Not that she did anything at all, really, even though "everyone" seems to think she did. And when is it ever, EVER okay to make a kid, especially one that isn't yours, feel guilty about a situation in which she didn't do anything wrong? About a situation that probably would've been fine if double-standardized grown-ups hadn't meddled in the first place? You impose your unrealistic, impossible-to-meet expectations on your own children and everybody else's like God came down and had a heart-to-heart with you over coffee, detailing precisely what he thinks everyone should do and telling you to make sure they do it. Hello, we're human, hello, that is why Jesus died - because we're all gonna blow it at some point, in fact at many points and even, some might say, at every point. Jesus was always ragging on the pharisees for imposing stupid, arbitrary rules, or have you learned nothing from the gospels? And look, as humans, we learn through trial and error. If we're not allowed to mess it up then we'll never get it right either. You're entitled to your opinions, even if they're wrong. Freedom of belief equals the freedom to be stupid. It just pisses me off how much Christianity has come to be about looking the part and "doing things right" rather than trusting Jesus to get us out of this mess. Because he's the only one who can. You can't. Your rules can't. Your goddamn gossip isn't gonna fix things, and your judgment will be brought upon your own head. You know what else? I started this post with a lie. Maybe this rubs you the wrong way, but I'm not sorry.


Katie said...

You are so right, the Church is FULL of hypocrites. One of the questions I am trying to solve is how to not get caught in the pharisee groove myself.

Dee said...

lol, yeah, or "lame". I mean, William, De'Mar and Nick said it themselves, and now look at them!

and you know what? THAT IS EXACTICALLY why I stopped going to Church.

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