Excavations of Claymore: Abby Loves You Long Time

I promise you, that's what the drink is called. Its description is hand-written on a doily glued to a pink heart: strawberry raspberry chai. Well, I said. I love chai. I love berries. And I'm darn cold. So I got it. The barista (is it still a "barista" when it's a boy? Someone check that for me, my wireless isn't too good right now.) handed it to me while biting back a smile. "I've never tried this drink because I always think it smells like a craft store," he blurted out.

I took the drink and smelled it. He was right.

But like I said, I was darn cold, so I drank it.

Don't waste your mealpoints on this sketchy drink. It was like licking A.C. Moore. I swear to God. You go in there and stick your tongue out for a minute - it's free and you won't burn your mouth! With the added bonus of weird stares from those artsy fartsy types!* If the crisp autumn air has infected you with fall fever, I recommend Meg's Apple Cider.... To be reviewed next week on Excavations of Claymore!

* My roommates and I happen to be those artsy fartsy types... and we'd probably just join in if we saw you standing in the craft store licking the air.


emily said...

I love when foods or drinks taste like something that shouldn't have a taste...or you shouldn't know what it tastes like. I once bought this gum that tasted just like bleach. To be fair, I don't really know what bleach tastes like but I can imagine. Just like I can imagine what a craft store would taste like. And, I'm not sure I'd want to drink it.

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