I have quite a few things to share this morning, none of them of any great import except for this: I'm coming up on my 200th post. As in, the next thing I post will be #200. Time has flown, my friends - and yes, I do think of my fellow bloggers as such.

In honor of the big 200, I'd like to do a fun little Q&A session. Can you believe I've never done one before? I figure, after 200 posts, people have got to be bursting with profound questions they wish they could ask me - they're just waiting for the right opportunity to bring them up!

Here's your chance. Leave a comment with a question (or three), and I will answer it as truthfully as I can!

And now, commence the Randomathon!


Derry the punchbuggy got a lung transplant and is at my house recovering until I can go fetch him this weekend. I hope this operation solves the problem, as it was not little Derry's first new lung and those breathing apparatuses cost Poppa Derry an arm and a leg.


I was scrolling through the millions of notes I have saved on my cell phone and I found one I'd typed at 5 one morning (the spelling was atrocious). It was about a dream I'd apparently had that night, in which I was illegally keeping a giant in the basement and placating him with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Gotta love my brain.


This morning I opened my mailbox to find a jury duty summons. Your civic duty. Your privilege.

Duty schmooty. I got a summons last spring; it's not my fault they cancelled on me before I even made it to the court.

Then I noticed the addressee.

It wasn't me. (She graduated last year.)


Would you believe this captcha came from an educational website?

It's ALMOST as good as some Shakespearean insults I used to throw around with my equally-dorky friends in high school. You know the type. "That gleeking, clay-brained dewberry!" and "thou mammering, milk-livered lout!" were common outbursts at our widely-skirted lunch table, and for that matter, in our AP English classroom. Even though we were supposedly doing college-level work, things got pretty boring because our class was full of pribbling, idle-headed barnacles. So we took it upon ourselves to keep things interesting.


Excavations of Claymore: Meg's Apple Cider

In honor of the fall equinox, I would like to share with you The Quintessential Autumn Beverage. Warning: You may mistake the substance in your cup for liquefied apple pie, pureed right of the oven and served to you piping hot. But never fear; Meg's is not a treat for the toothless! At least not exclusively....

This delightfully warm concoction of chai tea and apple cider will warm your heart on those chilly autumn eves after walking across the quad, or during crisp afternoons cheering in the stands while the Fighting Scots play football (the European kind, that is; we don't have an American football team at my school.)

The cinnamon and spice undertones will put you in mind of Thankschristmakwanzachanukah. Good vibes all around, dude.


Don't forget to post your questions!!
Peace, love, and apple pie,
Miss Rex


K a b l o o e y said...

Is the green hair support a theoretical thing, or are there photos we can see? Did you have troll green hair with a dairy Queen swirl on top? Because that's what I'm picturing right now.

Rook No. 17 said...

Love your writing, particularly got a kick out of the Shakespearean insults, LOL! I was waxing nostalgic lately about my childhood, and in particular my perceived unjust deprivation from "junk cereals". Cheerios and Shredded Wheat (the big brillo pad ones, not even "spoon sized"). I digress. Point is, my husband came home yesterday with not one, but three boxes of "junk cereal": Count Chocula, Booberry, and Frankenberry ~ the Halloween special edition cereal trifecta! So, what's your favorite? Are you lured by the promise of chocolate milk at the bottom of your bowl with the Count? Charmed by Frankie's preppie pink sweetness? Empowered with a Pac-man like rush of eating the blue ghosts in Booberry? BTW, Happy Saturday Sharefest SITSta!

Jesslikesstuff said...

Haha great blog! Fun! Me and my friends were theatre dorks in high school so I relate to the Shakespearean insults bit! And woohoo for a false alarm jury duty summons! As a fellow 'product of the 80s, loyal to the 90s' I wanted to tell you I'll be following ya!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I had no idea they made musical balloons....freaky weird!

Stephanie Faris said...

Nice to meet you!

The previous occupants of our house got a jury duty summons a few months ago. They've been gone 3 years now...moved out of state. It says failure to appear is a criminal offense or whatever but they never tried to find them beyond that one notice in the mailbox. Everyone I know who gets summoned to jury duty never goes in. They just call that hotline every night for however long they are told to...and are told repeatedly they won't be needed.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Thank you for stopping by my spot! My dog is INDEED antisocial and very much has the Napoloean complex! I can't even take him to dark parks because he loses his mind...he is only quiet around big dogs!

One Sassy Girl said...

fabulous captcha!!

One Sassy Girl said...

Ooh, forgot to leave my question:

You're about ten years, give or take, younger than me. So tell me, what do women of your age group think about chivalry? Do you prefer for a man to pay? Do you care if he holds a door for you? Do you like for him to lead you through a room, his hand on the small of your back? Or am I an "old" romantic sap?

I ask because most of my girlfriends want these things, but so many younger girls I know seem to think chivalry is antiquated. Plus, it's always fun to discover what a woman wants ;)

Congrats on the 200th - that's A LOT of posts!!

Mr. Condescending said...

you have me beat in posts!

My question is, have you stopped using a walkman yet? haha!

emily said...

Hey! Thanks for always commenting on my posts. It definitely means a lot to know people are reading. I do have a questions for you...what is this Excavations of Claymore? Meg's Apple Cider sounds absolutely wonderful...the craft store drink not so much.

Beth Dunn said...

Congratulations on 200 posts. I'm trying to think of a question for you. What kind of green tea do you like. Sorry if that is lame. xoxo

thisstorysoldbut... said...

omg that drink sounds SOOOOOO GOOD

hope you're enjoying junior year!


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