Magical Musical Road Trip Extravaganza pt. 1

What a weekend! It's going to take more than one post to chronicle the epicness of our magical musical road trip extravaganza. So I shall begin with the road trip, and after that we'll move on to the magic and the music. Sound good? Good.

While driving through the lovely state of PA, we amused ourselves by trying to pronounce the silly names on the exit signs. Or rather, I amused both of us, as Jo-Yo is a Pennsylvania native and already knew how to say it right. Here are a few that I couldn't resist sharing, absent some of the best because we just weren't quick enough with the camera.

Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut road signs - McAdoo, Minersville, Trexlertown, Fogelsville, Hometown, Quakertown, Kutzville, Krumsville, Wiconisco, Drinker St., Bethlehem, ?Hellertown, Moosic.

We've got Fogelsville, home of the old fogeys; we've got Kutztown, which is full of puking Germans; we've got Viktorkrumsville, which I'm sure Hermione would be thrilled to visit; we've got Hell and Bethlehem sharing a stoop; we've got the home of the singing cow. Sorry about the lack of photo evidence of such gems as Lackawanna University (I imagine all the students there wake up in the morning, think about going to class, and decide they just don't wanna) and the fruity Mexican town of Avoca(do). Also missing is the utterly unpronounceable "Schuyllkill." Two syllables. Swear to god. But my favorite of all is the creative interpretation of "Wisconsin" in the center of the collage. I thought we were in PA...?

Love, Miss Rex

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♥ Teresa ♥ said...

That is FUNNY! I have always wondered - - way back when, who was the genius who had the job of naming all those cities...oh, and all the roads? I think whoever it was HAD to be crazy. or drunk. Some of the roads in my town are so long, they won't even fit on an envelope when you are trying to write it all out. It is ridiculous! I know most of them are named after some famous/historical person but some of them are still really silly or outright dumb. But that is just my opinion! ;0) There is one road here named 'General Longstreet Line'. No, I did not misspell Lane, it is Line. There is nothing else at the end like Road, Circle or Street. I have no idea why?!? I do know General Longstreet was a Confederate General in the Civil War. But does General Longstreet Line sound like a street name to you?! Humph!

Oh well! I hope you had a really fun trip. It sounds like you did. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and for leaving another comment. I always enjoy and appreciate your visits.


Teresa <><

Organic Meatbag said...


AManda said...

I found you over at 20 something bloggers and wanted to stop by and say hi. My husband is from Pittsburgh so I'v seen those crazy signs before. :) Stop by and check out my blogs if you get a chance.

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