Excavations of Claymore: the Black Leprechaun

I walked outside a moment ago and it smelled like December.

All week I've been thinking how much it smells like falling leaves, though in fact no leaves have fallen or even changed. It's been getting me excited for all the fun fall traditions, like apple picking, pumpkin carving, corn mazing, and roads diverging in yellow woods. Though I like it warm, fall is a magical time and I've been getting pretty excited for it.


Of course, New England rarely caters to my requests, so winter it shall be. Tonight was the first night it was really cold enough for me to go to Claymore, our on-campus coffee-shop, and get my favorite: the mint chocolate steamer! And I thought, while hunching over my goblet of warmth on my way across the quad, what better time to begin my new series, Excavations of Claymore?

I have been at this school for two years. I have purchased two - count 'em, two - coffee beverages in my time here. I do not drink coffee. I do not need it. I do not like it (Sam I am).

I cannot tell you the difference between a mocha and a latte. I wouldn't know amaretto if I tasted it. I dunno what the hell Irish creme is but it's definitely not a rich alternative to regular creme.

For the sake of all our entertainment, most notably the friends who get to witness me bouncing off the walls on a caffeine high, I am going to become a coffee connoisseur this semester. I have made it my personal goal to try every drink advertised in Claymore, whether it be caffeinated, carbonated, cold or hot, and blog about it afterward.* To make things a little less preposterous, I will also invite coffee-inclined advisors to comment so that my bias will not influence you against drinks that may actually be delicious to coffee-lovers.

But I figure I'll start with a beverage I know and love: The Black Leprechaun (steamed milk with mint and chocolate flavors)

There is a ritual to drinking a Black Leprechaun. I've been perfecting it for two years.

Rule number one: You must hold the drink with both hands. Wrap them around the cup so that the warmth touches as much of your skin as possible.
Rule number two: Do not open the lid. You don't want to see the color mint, chocolate and milk make when you mix them together.
Rule number three: Before you're allowed to take a sip, you must hold the drink under your nose, close your eyes, and breathe in its heavenly scent.
Rule number four: Eyes must be closed for the first sip.
Rule number five: Smile (as if you could help it).

It's a great winter drink. Cozier than cocoa. Richer than chai. Liquid leprechaun gold all the way from your tongue to your tummy! A must try (but ask for extra flavor, especially if you don't like milk!)

* With the possible exception of Granny's Turbo-Charged Butterscotch Latte, which includes 3 shots of espresso. I might die.


Smart Ass Sara said...

Oy- I don't *do* warm drinks. I will always (no matter how careful I am) spill it on me, and/or burn my mouth so bad that I can't enjoy eating my regular diet of junk food and pepsi. :(

Amandasaurus said...

I usually burn my mouth too, but I never have on one of these. Must be Leprechaun magic.

ann ominous said...

um the black leprauchan sounds delicious! thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving encouragement :-)

we were unicorns sometimes too...but i always had wings ;-)

Blossom said...

Ha, I liked your opening to this post. Made me kinda of sad though because it showed me how much I miss the east coast and how not with it I am. I used to live in Maryland but now I go to school in Arizona and here we are just waiting for it to not be 100 degrees anymore and here you are saying it smells like December?! I was in shock, I had to go back up the page and see what day the post was from. And then your description of fall and pumpkins and ahh makes me sad because we go from hot to cold here, there is no falling leaves, no fresh wet air, and I dont usually think about it much or miss it but when its put in front of me like that- I want to be home. ha.

I'm not a coffee person either. I worked at starbucks for about a year and never liked coffee. But you can't help it, every now and then you just crave it without reason.

Gina said...

I had my first cup of coffee at 16, but came to love the beverage only within the last two years. To begin, I would recommend milking it up and adding sugar, and then slowly lightening up on the additives to enjoy the brew itself. You'll find that the smell of coffee becomes addictive, even calming and exhilirating at the same time.

I'm very curious to see your coffee reviews, as I used to do them myself (though not formally on a blog). I fell in love with Starbucks Guetemala Antigua blend. It's the only coffee I can drink black.

As the old Italian saying goes, "A good coffee doesn't need cream. A bad coffee doesn't deserve it."

Lan Nguyen said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! The Black Leprechaun sounds heavenly to drink! I love any combination of mint and chocolate! I'm not particularly a coffee connoisseur either, I just kind of rely on my tastebuds to tell me what's good (and to order again) and what's bad.

Yankee Girl said...

I love coffee but I only drink it in the winter. And I definitely always hold it with both hands!

emily said...

The Black Leprechaun sounds like heaven in a cup. I wish I could taste it.

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