Dumb things that have been said by and to me today

In my public speaking class:
Coach: I have a feeling.......
Me: That tonight's gonna be a good night?

Coming out of the library:
Me: Wow, it's cold! Oh, hi Derek, how are you?
Derek: Eh, pretty good. How are you?
Me: ....cold.

The Addict: My bed smells really good.
Me: Does it smell like a boy? One time last year my PJs smelled like a boy, and we couldn't figure out why because I had JUST washed them...
The Addict: Are you sure Angry Frodo didn't have access to your room? 'Oh, she wears these sometimes. So do I."

Walking down my hall, which for some reason was littered with yellow construction paper circles with money symbols drawn on them:
Me: Is someone having a treasure hunt?
Girl in the bathroom: No, I think Nicole and Carrie were doing a swine flu photo shoot.
Me: A swine flu photo shoot.
Girl: Yeah, and they were leprechauns and that was supposed to be their gold.
Oh. I see.

The Addict: We were supposed to go on this epic, puppy-getting road trip!

The Addict: You're adding me to your list of stupid things people have said today? How is that not insulting?
Me: Not stupid! I didn't say stupid. I said "dumb."


Mr. Condescending said...

These are good! What the heck was with the swine flu one? Hah it's so strange it's funny.

♥ Teresa ♥ said...

Thanks so much for visiting and your sweet words of encouragement.

Teresa <><


Anonymous said...

yeah manderz...because "dumb" is SOOO different from "stupid."

and that one about SFG... can we all say CREEPY!!!!! um no. gross.

heavealie said...

lol this was creepy,weird and funny at the same time!!cold??how do you come up with all these replies hehe.keep writing!!

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