Sorry I'm late on my Scatterday post AGAIN. I'm getting really bad at this blogging thing. In my defense, yesterday was Halloween. I am thrilled to announce that I did not find myself in the midst of any disasters or scandals this year! Freshman year I got stranded in Salem with some people I hardly knew and last year I accidentally hooked up with my friend. By comparison, this year was dull, but I'm glad for it. I hung out with some girls from my floor and my high school friend Wanda, who came back with me after I'd spent two nights at her apartment in the city. More on that soon at A Dustland Fairytale.


The costume party I planned was moderately successful. We went over to Rider to find some boys to come to our party. They were in the midst of costuming up to come over. The guy we talked to was dressed as an old granny and asked if any of us had oranges he could use as breasts. Amusingly enough, we did; all our food was in Halloween colors so we had oranges to spare.

We went back to Ferrin to let them finish up, but it was another hour before they arrived. When they did, they had a door with them. They made us knock on it, and when we did they opened it up and said "Aw, trick or treaters! Would you like some candy?" There were maybe three or four of them dressed as old people, and the funniest part was that they stayed in character the whole time. When people talked to them, they pretended to be deaf, and they used all sorts of old people idiosyncrasies that I forget because I'm not old enough to use them. I noticed one of them was wearing the same shade of lipstick as me, which was really upsetting because, as Cruella De Vil, I was wearing literally the brightest red they had at the store.

You see? Same color (I just did a better job putting mine on).


Episodes from this week:

I should have known my favorite person ever (a.k.a. Brian Glenney) would be lurking behind this door labeled "Evel Men."

I hope this makes you as happy as it made me!


That's all for today. I have many a task to complete, including two interviews for which I have prepared no questions beyond "What's your name/year/major?" D=


K a b l o o e y said...

OK, first off, way to send me scrambling back to last year's post with the line "I accidentally hooked up with my friend" because:
1) that sounded scandal-filled, and, um, surprised me given the source
2) how do you "accidentally" do that? Back up naked?

But then I read last year's post and discovered that I am apparently mistaken about what "hooking up" even means. Man, I'm old. Glad you had a chill Halloween. Myself, I stole candy from my daughter, so that may change your opinion of my parenting, or confirm it, who knows. In my defense, she didn't even mention her loot today. In my prosecution, I ate the chocolate yesterday.

rad world x wanda said...

Wasn't it apples that he wanted? Or maybe just fruit in general. Either way the costume and the accent and the fact that he and his "old" friends were carrying a closet door were the best parts of that party (aside from 삼리구).

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