Scatterday which Miss Rex shares random moments of amusement, enlightenment and frustration from her week.


"I'm so black!" - Mnomanoms

"Why are my pants off, Jim?"
"Because of nation-wide nudity day!"

Mnomanoms: Bananas are such a classy fruit.
Me: How so?? I mean, they're shaped like....
Me: Well I'm just saying, I don't see anything classy about a food shaped like a penis.

Some guy after the Mae show - "I want to learn to cry on command. Just uncontrollably cry. I mean, control the beginning, but then just let it go."
Me: Well you should be a woman then.


Dancing glow stick skeleton men!


I've decided to invent a personal electric fence bubble. You can get it in varying radii depending on how far away you want Angry Frodo to stay. Basically you wear it around your waist, sort of like a deadly hula hoop, and it repels creepers. Great, huh? And then, if you come across a cute boy you want to schneckle with, you can just *vwoop* and it's gone!

It'll make millions!


You keepin' a Totoro in that Totaro?

That's what I thought.


Stephanie Faris said...

Electric fence bubble? I like it!

K a b l o o e y said...

Random or at best semi-related thought: when the Pope would ride around in his PopeMobile, I always wanted to see him in a giant hamster ball - like 12' in diameter, and then see him just walk along in it.

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