Monday - Thursday AM:I found this picture in Natalie Dee's archives while procrastinating on Monday. Unfortunately, matters did not improve until my deadlines had passed on Thursday.

And now a random plethora of silly stuff people have since my last post about silly stuff people said!!

Mnomanoms: I’m so black!

Natalie: Oh my God I am so sorry that I didn't come out and say hi earlier! I was sleeping, and then The Wizard of Oz was on, and then apparently I fell asleep again, and I'm really sorry but tomorrow when I'm sober I'll get to know you, I promise!! OK, so tell me your life story now.

Bear: Glitter cheese? Why?
Me: Because I wanted the giant squid to sparkle, and then I wanted to crush him with Wisconsin but the closest thing I could get was cheese.

Me: Best birthday card ever is now complete.
Jo-Yo: It’s not better than mine. But it was a nice attempt.
Me: Well… my card is slave free.
Jo-Yo: Well my card is slut free!

Why is my straight male friend asking me why guys like boobs???

Ravin: I grabbed your boob, woman, now where's your shoe?!

The Narcoleptic: I don’t like the little orange fish eggs. I mean…. You’re eating embryos. There’s abortion happening in my mouth right now.

Me: Natural selection favors ME!

Me: We can’t kill cows! They’re magnets!
Bear: Um what
Me: You heard me!

Friday - the foreseeable future:
Soooo is it safe to say I'm part of the exclusive club yet? After 29 hours I feel that my initiation must be complete....


Mr. Condescending said...

I have to say all these were pretty funny, but the ohio picture really finished it off hah.

One Sassy Girl said...

Oh shit, that egg eating abortion comment... hilarious... and traumatizing. I mean, it's really a whole new spin on it. Ick.

K a b l o o e y said...

I reaaaally like the masked procrastinator who hasn't yet put on her mask. That'd be me. If I'd ever wear purple tights and little shiny superhero panties. In public.

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