Baby's a Red

Happy Spirit Half-a-Week! (Bummer that we only get three days to look like total fools, eh?) I went to Lane completely dressed in layers and layers of red. I was red down to the underwear (but they had to take my word on that.) And I brought red props, too. The first time I went, I only got 26 points, so I had to go back - people were out-spiriting me by more than 20 or 30 points! Not allowed! Haha. I ended up with 83 points in the end.

Tomorrow will be harder; it's plaid day. I think I have like 3 viable options. Too bad I'm not Matt Thiessen.... I might start calling all the boys I know and ask to borrow their plaid shirts. It's been too long since the last time I cross-dressed. XD


Katie said...

You rock the Red!!! I love your enthusiasm!! :) I'll vouch for you if you end up cross-dressing. I wonder if your Pj's still smell...hehe

Anonymous said...

red undies, aye? you best not be showin thems off...
S-C-A-N-D to the...well, you know.

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